Friday, June 11, 2010

Seth Brigham hires David Lane to sue Boulder City Council

My friend Seth hired my civil right lawyer David Lane

Dear Internet
Several months ago capt. underpants went to city council and proceeded to tell them exactly what he thought of them. They had him arrested and now they are going to have to pay.
This is a result of a culmination of civil rights violations perpetrated by council on Seth over the past 5years. They got away with it through three different councils until today. All of the threats, insults, free speech violations toward Seth and others (me) are now going to Federal court. There were a host of council members who took the law into their own hands and rewrote the US constitution including former Mayors Mark Ruzzin and Shaun McGrath who lied bald face about it; other include Robin Bohannan head of BC Aids project, attorney’s Susie Ageston and Macoln Cowles who defended illegal actions of free speech violations. Other council members include; Jack Stokes, CU professor ken Wilson, and other dopey citizen politicians.
Still there is no Public access free speech TV because these nazis decided it is better to live with facism than it is with liberty.
Let us not forget the boulder ACLU who stood by watched all led to the ovens.
It’s raining hard in Boulder
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado