Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drama @bouldercolorado once again.

Drama @bouldercolorado once again.

Dear Internet,

One of their problems Seth is having right now is that he is a writer; a journalist. As much as he would like to accepted by the politicians he criticized, it will never happen. Things just don’t work that way. You are friends with them until you cross that sacred line. Seth crossed it dozens of times and he crossed it in threatening ways. ie: showing up drunk at city council meetings regularly; yelling from the audience; giving drunken rambling speeches; writing highly inflammatory insulting letters to and articles about individual council members as well as the entire council; the list goes on.

When Shaun McGrath was mayor he went after Seth and stopped him from producing his satirical videos for public access TV. The way McGrath did it was by showing up at access board meetings, filibustering the meetings, not letting Seth talk and then denying him access, pulling Seth aside and overall abusing Seth. Seth and all of his “Gonzo ” journalist friends ( myself included) lined up to take literary shots at McGrath. It was merciless. But McGrath and the Boulder city council deserved every bit of the harsh criticism they received over denied access to the cable channels.

This week the council and the Daily Camera went after Seth again with more proposed laws denying Seth the right to perform in front of council and wear costumes. And Seth, rob and Donna have stated right back in on the city over their violation of civil rights. The city was in negotiations with Seths attorney on a cash settlement from the last time the city got into trouble. It doesn’t look like they have learned a thing. Shockingly, Lisa Morzal is the co -author of these new rules. They Daily Camera put Seth on the front Page portraying him as a dangerous threat. The entire council and Daily Camera went after Seth and myself in 2008 as potential threats over our journalism.. So now what?? I’ll tell you what now. It is all starting up again. Over what? Over bullshit that’s what. Anyway, our writers at Boulder channel 1 News have taken the liberal point of view against the Daily Camera’s more suppressive conservative Fox News view.
from a city that once cherished freedom
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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