Friday, January 29, 2010

Hungry Girl: The Conan Jay Dave dissaster

Dear Internet
I got up this morning. It was cold and snowy in Boulder. Then I caught the tail end of a meeting. As often the case I stayed around socializing. I was talking to a young women of perhaps 30 who goes to CU and works at Norlin Library part time. Though impeccably dressed she appeared troubled. She asked me for a ride home since the weather was bad. Her problem is that she only makes $500 a month, can just barely pay rent , but has no money for food. I asked her if she was hungry. She said she hadn't eaten in two days and when she did eat it was canned beans or crackers. Her parents had died two years ago and she went to pieces. She is on her way back up. So instead of going to work we stopped by McDonald's for a few breakfast burritos. Then I took her food shopping at Sunflower grocery store. She picked out fresh fruit, vegetables and some brazed chicken. It is especially rewarding when I can help someone who refuses to fall into complete despair when faced with poverty. We all know someone who could use a hand up.

I was thinking about President Obama this evening just before I sat down to write. He mentioned last night in his state of the union speech that he was going to have monthly meetings with the Republican leadership. I think he should take a page out of Lyndon Johnson's play book. Johnson would call a Republican senator to the white house, sit him down, give him a drink, then when the senator was relaxed, Johnson would pull his chair up real close and get in the guys face. He'd say things like: " I am your President and I am asking you" or "this is YOUR president asking you" "You love your country. I know you do...well Goddamn it you need t0 help out the American people and stop being a douche bag" Johnson would sweet talk em or hammer them, but he sunk his teeth in and one way or the other we were going to get the civil rights bill passed. Unfortunately for Johnson and us he decided to forsake the entire Great Society programs for Vietnam. Obama is stuck with that legacy. He has picked up where Johnson fell off. He might as well pick up a few of Johnson's guilt making, arm twisting tactics. Time to "rip it up"!

I've been a radio and TV talk show host to a live viewing audience for over 20 years and have been successful at it. But live talk TV is a strange animal. Watching the Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, David Letterman debacle play out makes me cringe. NBC made Conan a reasonable offer..move back half an hour and keep your salary and fan base. the networks us out. But no-ooh. He had to be a noble martyr and quit...losing his show and fan base. People in the industry think he's an idiot.
There is a rule of thumb in live broadcasting " stay on the air keep your job" It would have been a perfect lineup; Jay for Boomers, Conan for Xers and Jimmy Fallon for crack addicts. Now he's out. He might come back on cable with low low ratings. He'll never go to FOX. and if he does , he'll piss off Rupert Murdock and get fired. Remember Michael Moore's TV Nation on FOX. He lasted like six weeks until he went to the Chrysler building in New York with a megaphone. Anyway, I've been through it all before.....having schedules moved, being fired, then rehired. I finally got so sick of it I started my own TV network on the net. Now if we can just keep David Rockefeller from getting control of the internet

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott 362 days left
Boulder Colorado

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today is my Birthday

Dear Internet,
For three years I wrote this blog as a commentary about the political ongoings in Boulder, news, my battles with the city government here. That has passed now. So I thought I would write daily about my life here and what goes on in the world of new media, my friends, adventures and the world of television.

I run an Internet TV company of considerable least page wise. We think it is somewhere near 100,000 pages of video. I say, think because it is so big it is hard to count it all. We have up to 7 part time full time employees. The company is run virtually from several home offices around Boulder. I sometimes think about getting an actual office. We'll see.

So today is my birthday. Well actually it is January 27Th. I plan on living to 121 years old with the health of a 21 year old at the end. I decided that in an EST training in 1982. So far so good. My health is excellent, though I could do to lose 70lbs. Gulp. I know. I have been going to a weight loss program. I work out with rick my trainer twice a week plus go to the gym 3 other days a week for at least 30 minutes. I don't drink or take drugs. Even though I quit smoking for 20 years, I do occasionally smoke. But i have some patches for that. More about all of this later.

Tonight I am hosting an official Obama Sate of the union speech party. 14 people I have never met are coming over between 6:30 and 8:30 to watch President Obama on TV. After, we'll discuss the speech. I am Internet casting it on . So it will be the world watching us watch him. It should be great fun . I can't think of a better way to meet like minded people. I'll let you know how it comes out or you can interlope and see.
from the most beautiful small city in America
Boulder Colorado,
Jann Scott 364 days left