Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mom grounds son for smoking pot tells girlfriend she's no longer welcome

Mom grounds son for smoking pot tells girlfriend she's no longer welcome
Mom grounds son for smoking pot tells girlfriend she’s no longer welcome

Dear Internet
I spoke to a woman today who told me she had grounded her 15 year old son for one month for smoking pot. She also, took away his phone and play station. Then she told his 15 year old girl friend she was no longer welcome in their home because the girl was an active pot user.
The boy had been hanging out with some friends who were drug users and started smoking pot with them. During school the boy plays football and baseball, but during spring break started hanging with his friends and somewhere along the way Mariguanna had showed up in his life. “He’s a good kid” she said but I wanted to nip this in the bud right away. When he’s playing sports he’s fine. He doesn’t have time to hang out with druggy kids. Between sports and school he’s busy. But I just don’t want to see it started” she said. “When his girlfriend came over I drug tested her” She showed up positive for marijuana and I told her she had to leave, was no longer welcome in our home and that I didn’t want my son going out with her any more”
You mean you drug tested her right there.? “Yep. I made her pee in a cup and tested her right in the bathroom. She knew I meant business. All of his friends now call me the “drug testing mom”, but they know I care. But I really don’t want my 15 year old boy going down that path.”

Did her son rebel? “No he knows I love him. We don’t have a power struggle over this. He knows.
Wow. That mom deserves mother of the year award. What do you think? Pretty courageous huh? I wonder if more parents used this approach , if it would cut down on teenage drug use? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

From Americas most tolerant drug using city for teens

Jann Scott

Boulder colorado

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Camera Erika Stuzman clueless and blonde

City of Boulder is correct to tax Bars, Party permits, to curb drunken excess

Erika Stutzman the editor of the Daily Camera is young and inexperienced. Her editorial criticizing the Boulder city councils considering taxing bars for late night openings and charging party fees for big college parties shows just how young she is. When i say young, I mean MZ Stutzman is immature, not seasoned , not wise to the ways of the world. And the ways of the world on University hill since the mid 1990′s have been drunken, rioting, fighting, raping debauchery when the bars let out in the Spring or fall.

I have have to pay for extra cops to stand outside of Hill bars when the drunk kids come out and start fighting. I also had to pay for last weeks riot. I think the bars and Party givers should pay for extra police to protect me from them.

Stutzman also blindly noted that last weeks party and murder were not connected. Nonsense. Everyone was drunk up there last Friday night. When this trial concludes, I think we will find that all three involved in the murder were drunk and had attended the riot. They were all fueled for murder.

It had to take this tragedy for the city council to start acting like city parents and reel the college kids, their bars and partys in. The University certainly won’t do it.

Last Week LSU became newsworthy because of the school and cities commitment to high academic standards.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Max Weller from Daily Camera a fake homeless man for the ages

Who is Max Weller from the Boulder Daily Camera and why is he saying horrible things about Jann Scott, the Homeless and those of us who try to help them??

Well that just about says it all .

Here is a letter I wrote today sounding the alarm again on what freezing temperatures do to the homeless..
Max Weller
Neil Colbert
Seth Brigham
Rob Smoke
Boulder City council

My position and the position of Boulder Channel 1 news is very simple: The Homeless Shelter and warming centers should be open in the daytime when the temperatures are 20 degrees and lower. I want the city to hold a homeless summit to this effect. I want any city moneys going to the homeless shelter to include the above in their contract. They must be made to open and held accountable

Max and Neil are relatively new to working with the homeless. We don't travel in the same circles. Work with the homeless does not all happen at the Shelter or the Carriage house, I assure you. I have been homeless on the streets of Boulder so has Rob. We both more than qualify to address any of these hard issues. (way before Max and Neil showed up)

But all of that is moot. It cannot be allowed to have people freeze during the day in Boulder. Neil and max are invited to join us old timers in that struggle.
Jann Scott
from Americas most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What the hell? Should we start arming our little daughters with these.?? Between the PERVS AND MASS MURDER'S ...... CRAZY??? What have we come to?? If we had these back in the days of the late 1800's or early 2oth century, would we have given them to our daughters??

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott boulder is not Jann of the Jungle