Thursday, December 23, 2010


Dear Internet,
Some things you don’t know about me.
1. I once scored 147 on the MENSA test which I took live on my TV show . It was scored by two MENSA officials in 1992 on Jann Scott Tonight on Channel 36.
2. I grew up country with a little bit rock n roll. Love country western, country, western, bluegrass and hill billy music.
3. I raced stock cars all over the south west on dirt for 7 years so I am a car guy. I can build em from the ground up. I reviewed new cars on TV and print since 1968.
4. I can read 6000 words per minute and at one time read 20 books a week and interviewed the authors on live radio.
5. I drove over the road trucks for four years to all the lower 48 states. Am a CB talker, recorded hours of stories and jokes.
6. I have appeared on CNN, MTV, CBS evening news, NBC nightly news as a guest. I worked for MTV and NBC.
7. I was a wild child and ran around with country boys and girls in my teens. “You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy”.
8. I owned motor cycles as a teen ager. They included a new 1963 Ducati Diana RT, a new twin carb 1964 750 Norton and a classic 1937 Harley Davidson 1200 police bike re pleat with siren and lights.
9. I worked for the state department and CIA illegally in England as an American Journalist spy for a foreign paper International times. I was directly involved with interdicting letter bombs being sent to US senators in the early 1970′s. I also had immunity from arrest and prosecution.
10. I have been robbed at gunpoint, kidnapped, and shot at by terrorists.
11. I am a Christian and go to church on Sunday and yep Jesus is who he says he is. I’m a believer.

Merry Christmas everyone
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Webster brothers lived across the field in a non electric wood heated house

Dear internet,
I grew up in a small New England country town where there were more dairy cows than people. Population 3,000 in 1955. 5,700 cows. A New England town is small, tidy, old and most of our dairy pastures were outlined with stone walls. My town was established in 1659 exactly 200 years before Boulder. It had a main street lined with colonial homes. Near the Mayflower Inn was a large field where Washington’s Amry had a winter encampment. George Washington himself spent the winter at the May Flower.
I grew up about a mile outside of town on West Main street or rural route 47 also known as Washington road. General Washington’s army marched down our road and had maneuvers across the street from my house.
Sitting way back in the field was a big green house. It was accessible by Linden Lane and sat by itself though now it was surrounded by some post war homes. The Webster brothers all confirmed bachelors lived there. Fred was 82 born 1873 Jim 78 born 1877 and George 63 born 1892 had lived in the house since birth. They were Yankees all. Their ancestors had fought with the blue coats against the crown. George was the only one who could read or write. He had been in WWI and fought in France. The other two brothers had not traveled further than 50 miles from our town. They had never been to Boston nor New York. They didn’t have running water, electricity or insulation on their walls. Their wooden floors were unvarnished and rough. In the kitchen was a wooden cook stove. The living room had a big pot belly stove.
Outside the back door was a hand well pump for water. Further from the house was an outhouse. They had oil lamps for light, and no motor vehicle. It wouldn’t have done them any good because none of them could drive. They had an old horse but it died several years before. So they walked or peddled a bike as did many of my 19th century neighbors.
The Webster brothers were the local grave diggers. They actually dug graves by hand with a pick and shovel.
Not far from my house was the local cemetery which had graves 100′s of years old. The Websters were the care takers. I used to see them every day on my way to school. They smelled bad too since they didn’t bath much. They all wore blue denim work shirts and dungarees and those funny old flat caps that you see in turn of the century photos. They also smoked corn cob pipes.
They kept to themselves mostly but whenever I or my friends talked to them they were always friendly. They spoke in thick country accents so it was hard to understand them. But on some summer evenings we would go over to visit them , sit outside and they would spin yarns of life in the country back in the old days. (the late 1800s and early 1900s)
One such tale was a story of “green rabbits” which lived in the near by fields and only came out at night. At nine years old I believed every word of it , but I never did get a glimpse of “them green rabbits”. But according to the story they ate from the Websters garden at night and had very big paws.
The Websters were the last of a New England long gone to me. They were simple 19 century men living their days in the mid 20th century and they didn’t see any reason to join.

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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from America's most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado

Monday, December 6, 2010

December 7 1941 A Boulder Marine was at Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941 A Boulder Marine was at Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941 A Boulder Marine was at Pearl Harbor

Dear internet,
John showed up at the club every day at noon. He was an affable good natured ole guy just happy to be alive. I got to know him in the 1990s. He was on a mission to get people to quit smoking by pulling an oxygen bottle around with him . He’d often say “I survived Pearl Harbor one first wave landing and 2 second wave landings in the war in the pacific, but cigarettes are what killed me.

But John was a real life Boulder war hero. He often wore his hat “Peal Harbor survivor” He was a US Marine stationed at Hickham field on December 7 1941.
“I was just a kid. 135 1bs. 18 years old when the Japanese started bombing. I literally got blown out of my bunk. When I went outside I could see the meatballs on the zeros as the flew over. We knew instantly what was happening. There wasn’t much I could do except keep my head down. The Zeros were all over the place bombing and strafing everything. Everything was burning and destroyed. We Marines were taught to keep down during shelling and bombings which is exactly what I did. But I survived it. There was no fighting back. They surprised us and the first things they hit were our gun emplacements. Even so, running out on to an airfield during a Zero bombing strafing raid is suicide. I lived to fight another day.”

John was at Guadalcanal for one month. He didn’t like to talk about it except to say It was everything you ever read about and more.
“I survived a first wave landing there and was not wounded. It is a miracle that I never got hit. You know we lost 35% of our guys on the first landing. Mostly everyone else was wounded. I don’t know how I escaped. I guess the good Lord was with me.”

He survived Second Wave landings on New Britain Island and Tarawa.
“No I never got wounded and I never got sick. A lot of guys did. Between malaria and dysentery and the Japs trying to kill us we had over 65% casualty rate on those islands. I guess it was my age. I had just turned 18 so my immune system must have been pretty strong, maybe that and growing up on a farm here in Boulder”
Those landing were pretty bad. You just had to keep your head down, make your way up the beach and try to find some cover. Then we could get a position in the jungle so we could fight. Once we established a beach head, the Japanese didn’t stand the chance, but you couldn’t tell them that. But we knew. They had the entire United states Marine Corp landing on their islands and we weren’t going to leave until we occupied them. That’s what they didn’t understand. They were good fighters and dedicated, but we were better. We had an armada of ships and the wherewithal to out bomb and out last them….. and we out fought them man to man……so much for being a Samari. A lot of them were you know. They’d come at us with their swords….they were no match. We were Marines…we out Samaried them. They didn’t expect it. They thought we were weak and couldn’t fight. But they didn’t know what a Marine was. They soon found out.
I think history will find that US Marines in the pacific will go down as the greatest warrior class in history.”
John died of emphysema in 1994. Todays post is for him and all Marines who fought in the pacific and who are fighting today in bitter battles in Afghanistan.
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ward Chruchill Not a grateful Indian on this thanksgiving:

C. U. “Did Too” Violate Ward Churchill’s first amendment rights, just like CATV 54 violated mine on Thanksgiving 1999

Wounded Knee…………..Sand Creek …………..Ward Churchill ……………Jann Scott…………. Boulder and CU’s invovement with genocide and their attempt to silence critics

Dear Internet

Thanksgiving Thursday Nov. 25 1999 The front page of Boulder Daily Camera day read: Talk show Host Jann Scott thrown off CATV 54 . It is by no accident that Ward Churchill appeals process was on todays front page of the Camera on Thanksgiving day 2010 exactly 11 years later. I appeared on a first amendment related story in 1999 which went on for 7 months. I eventually won my fight for free speech. But On that day I was to have 3 native American Indian chiefs on my Jann Scott Live show. We were all denied access. I had to fight for free speech rights again in Boulder Between 2006 and 2009. I was again to win a hard bitter fought struggle with “the man” The white man.

It is no mistake that todays paper is about Ward Churchill a Native American Indian professor at CU who has been violated by the White man who murdered his people at Wounded Knee. It is no co incidence that the city of Boulder sent 100s of troops to Sand Creek in the 1880s to murder Innocent Indian women and children on Colorados Eastern Plains. Yes that’s right peace loving happiest city in America has a dark past. Boulderites are the murderers of Sand Creek and we as a community have as of yet made reparations or even an apology to those Indians. CU was involved in that massacre as well just like CU is involved in the illegal firing of their only Indian professor who publicly shamed white people for their genocide world wide.

What the hell is the matter with them. ?? Is it that the Heritage of the board of regents from CU are white European protestant
bunch of  Indian murdering, no good white  sons of bitches, that's what's wrong.
 Not much has changed since the Indian wars of the late 1800's.

Ward Churchill is on the front page of the Daily Camera on this Thanksgiving day November 25 2010; on a day when we celebrate the Indians of Massachusetts who saved the white European settlers from starvation; a day to give thanks to the Indians; On this day Ward Churchill looks out at you above the fold of the Camera and says” fuck you whitey. We’re going to the supreme court.” Ward Churchill stands for every murdered Indian who ever lived on the American Plains. Ward Churchill is Sand Creek Massecure come home to Boulder to get in our face and say “Murderers!! I’ll give you thanksgiving you phony white trash.” Today is a day not to give thanks but to put on Indian war paint and tell the truth about what the white devils from Boulder did and continue to do to Indians. Murders! All!

Thanksgiving in Boulder represents a city and university who routinely violate all peoples 1st amendment rights. The Daily Camera Keeps that tradition alive by speaking out; by making Thanksgiving a day to Stick it to the man.

Speaking of sticking it to the man I’d like to give a shout out to the little Boulder Nazis who populate Twitter and remind them, I will personally come after anyone of you white pieces of shit who ever tries to destroy anyone or any business on Twitter. You know who you are and I know where you live.

For all of this I am grateful

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

C. U. Did Too Violate Ward Churchill's first amendment rights, just like CATV 54 violated mine on Thanksgiving 1999

Ward Churchill's first amendment rights violated by murdering white man

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

C. U. Did Too Violate Ward Churchill's first amendment rights, just like CATV 54 violated mine on Thanksgiving 1999

C. U. Did Too Violate Ward Churchill's first amendment rights, just like CATV 54 violated mine on Thanksgiving 1999

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meningitis: my bout nearly killed me

Meningitis: my bout nearly killed me

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The day Jack Kennedy got killed Nov 22 1963

I had shook hands with President Kennedy during his campaign 3 years before.

Dear Internet,

It’s almost as though I knew him. Like he was a friend. There was much talk about president Kennedy not just at my house, but the whole world was obsessed with Camelot. So when he was assassinated, it was truly quite an upsetting moment in my life; in all of our lives. I had returned home from New York city where I had spent my 16th year and I was back at Woodbury high School a year behind. I was a Junior , not a senior. I also had to make up some sophomore classes, so I was buSy. But I was popular especially since I had lived in the city and this was important.
On this morning I was in biology class in a lab dissecting a frog with my lab mate Cynthia Swainback. We were always getting in trouble. She paid less attention to details than I did , so we had no fucking idea how to fillet this frog. Also, Cynthia had this habit of unbuttoning her shirt while we were in lab, so I would stare at her breasts. I had a nice girl friend so I tried not to react to her. But she was funny and would always brush against me. She’d say things like, ” if you can unbutton my blouse with that ruler, I’ll let you do what you want to me. Being dexterous I would always have her top off in about 30 seconds. Her friends thought this was fun and everybody thought were were really fucking crazy. The teacher Mr Wheaton would say things like;” Miss Swainback, would you please keep your clothes on in lab, what if we have a fire drill”. and” Mr Scott can’t you wait til after school for your escapades?”
Well, no I couldn’t , I had to work and I had a girl friend . So the thing with Cynthia was flirting only….sort of. She also had the shortest skirt at school and was routinely sent home for a wardrobe change. Actually, all of the girls were. It was 1963. Below is a list of the top 100 pop hits . Music was exploding. Motown, folk, surf music, little Stevie wonder, the Ronettes, Bob Dylan and the Beatles “I want to hold your Hand had just broke big in America.

1. Yakety Sax – Boots Randolf 2. Louie Louie – The Kingsmen 3. Up On The Roof – Drifters
4. It’s My Party – Leslie Gore 5. South Street – Orlons 6. The End Of The World – Skeeter Davis

7. Pride and Joy – Marvin Gaye 8. Surfin U.S.A. – Beach Boys 9. Heat Wave – Martha and the Vandellas
10. Walk Like A Man – Four Seasons 11. My Boyfriend’s Back – the Angels 12. Mickey’s Monkey – the Miracles
13. Remember Then – Earls 14. Little Duece Coupe – Beach Boys 15. Wildwood Days – Bobby Rydell
16. Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke 17. Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) – Crystals
18. If You Wanna Be Happy – Jimmy Soul 19. Surfer Girl – Beach Boys 20. On Broadway – the Drifters
21. Denise – Randy and the Rainbows 22. You Can’t Sit Down – Dovells 23. Busted – Ray Charles
24. Be True To Your School – Beach Boys 25. So Much In Love – the Tymes 26. Surf City – Jan and Dean
27. Tell Him – The Exciters 28. Our Day Will Come – Ruby & the Romantics
29. Walking The Dog – Rufus Thomas 30. Be My Baby – Ronettes 1. Monkey Time – Major Lance
32. Then He Kissed Me – Crystals 33. Hey Paula – Paul and Paula 34. Sukiyaki – Kyu Sakamoto
35. He’s So Fine – Chiffons 36. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me – The Miracles
37. I Will Follow Him – Little Peggy March 38. Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer – Nat “King” Cole
39. Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash 40. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport – Rolf harris 41. Let’s Stomp – Bobby Comstock
42. Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison 43. Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmor & The Fireballs 44. In My Room – Beach Boys
45. (Down At) Papa Joe’s – The Dixiebelles 46. The Good Life – Tony Bennett 47. Two Lovers – Mary Wells
48. Mockingbird – Charles and Inez Foxx 49. One Fine day – The Chiffons 50. Have You Heard – The Duprees
51. I Adore Him – The Angels 52. We Shall Overcome – Joan Baez 53. Baby Workout – Jackie Wilson
54. Mr. Bass Man – Johnny Cymbol
55. Just One Look – Doris Troy 56. Shut Down – Beach Boys 57. Memphis – Lonnie Mack
58. Bossa Nova baby – Elvis Presley 59. Don’t Say Goodnight and Mean Goodbye – The Shirelles
60. Marlene – The Four Seasons 61. Judy’s Turn To Cry – Leslie Gore 62. Hot Pastromi – The Dartells
63. Boss Guitar – Duane Eddy 64. Make The World Go Away – Timi Yuro 65. Days of Wine and Roses – Henry Mancini
66. Danke Shoen – Wayne Newton 67. Days of Wine and Roses – Andy Williams 68. More – Vic Dana (or Kai Winding)
69. I (Who Have Nothing) – Ben E. King 70. Workout Stevie, Workout – Little Stevie Wonder
71. Martian Hop – Ran-Dells 72. Come and Get These Memories – Martha and the Vandellas
73. Surfer Joe – The Surfaris 74. (Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry – Darlene Love
75. Little Latin Lupe Lu – The Righteous Brothers

At around 11″00 am At Mr. Wheaton came in and announced : ” May I have your attention please. This is out of the ordinary and has nothing to do with biology class, but Mr. Lovecraft the principal has asked all of the teachers to tell you That the president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been shot in Dallas Texas. We felt it was important to tell you this. It is a grave situation. We will keep you informed. But for now class is canceled. Would you please put your lab equipment away.”

What.? He left the room and a few minutes later came back in and announced. ” It has been announced on CBS news on Television that the president is dead. I saw it my self on TV. Class and Schoo lis cancelled. You can go home. Busses will be arriving soon to take you. We have called your parents. Those of you with cars should go home.”

What the hell did he say ?? I asked. I was bewildered. I looked over Cynthia, Betsy Cushman and another girl were sobbing. I walked out in the halls people were in shock. Some were laughing others crying…..hysteria was beginning to take over the school. Mr Lovecraft came over to some of us and said” try to calm down.” What? I’m calm. He said no you;re laughing hysterically…sit down for a minute” ( I was coming apart right then and there. As I walked through the halls everyone was crying, teachers, students, secretaries…………I’d never seen such a show of emotion… just wasn’t done. My best friend Richard came over to me and said ” This calls for a drink.” Oh Christ I said. You are right. But I really didn’t drink much. Cynthia over heard him and said can I come with you. I said sure and we all walked out of school jumped into my 1963 Ford Farlane, went to my house, got a bottle of Bells 12 year Scotch 3 glasses , some ice and went and parked in a field and had a few drinks. Then we went home.

It was a horrible next three days. TV was blacked out., Only the Kennedy news and his funeral was broadcast. I actually saw Lee Harvey Oswald shot on Live TV. TV was black and white and there were only 3 channels. Radio was blacked out. No music. It was worse than the days following 911. My girlfriend Andy Warren lived across the field from my house, but her parents wouldn’t let us see each other during the days of mourning. To make matters worse ,my fathers brother had a heart attack and died in the middle of all this.This was definitely the day the dream died. November 22, 1963.

After November, the Beatles became enormous and it was a wild American swing back. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I spent most days with Andy after school. Both of our grades began to fall. Both parents tried to talk to us about Kennedy’s death. We had friends who were already in Vietnam. They were coming back to high school in uniforms talking about this far off place in Indo China. Where? A place where Buddhist monks poured gasoline over themselves. By the time spring had come, I was breaking down. I bought a new Ducati motor cycle I planned on killing my self with it…… just like my hero T E Lawrence or Peter o’toole ( Lawrence of Arabia) In fact 4 of my friends died that summer in drunk driving car wrecks.

I started drinking more. But alcohol did not agree with me. Andy and I had broken up in June. My family life was a disaster. I started seeing a shrink in the summer of 1964, but I was depressed and lost. I went to the Forum School where I rested and studied, but when the autumn came I was totally out of control. By December I was admitted to the New Town State mental hospital witb a complete nervous break down and acute alcoholism. I was just 18 years old. President Johnson had announced an increase of troops to SE Asia. I was so fucked.

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jann Scott Live 9:00 pm nightly


Jann Scott Live 9:00 pm nightly or Janns new fall nightly live cali in guest interview TV show.

Jann’s back annoying the comfortable and comforting the annoyed. It’s all front page driven talk TV with callers exclusively on the internet.

Jann Scott started in talk back in 1987 so he’s an old pro at causing trouble…

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Friday, November 12, 2010

Alex Boguskys fearless Revolution should be feared: Alex Boguskys fearless consumerism is a gang of social media types on twitter who reign terror on the unsuspected.
from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott Boulder Colorado

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boulder Social Media: experts rip off Boulder business's

Jann Scott
Paying a social media expert to promote your company is a monumental waste of money.

Why?? because these people charge too much money, sit in coffee shops and don't do jack shit to help you actually increase business. Now what does that mean.?? they make promises they cannot deliver on. They don't work. They don't pay attention to your company. They don't really give a shit about your business. They talk the talk but sit on their ass's tweeting to their friends about drinking.......essentially. Okay, they like to go to the apple store and buy crap.
But seriously, they are always young and have no sense of what it takes to be a small business owner, yet they want to charge you a lot of money to fuck around. I have as of yet seen one of these so called hot shots make a difference on one business in Boulder. Even Downtown boulder or the Boulder chamber have gotten into the act, but what difference do they make to increase revenue to local business?? I don't see it and i've been in business in boulder for 30 years. I use social media all of the time. No one can convince me as of yet it's worth.
Take twitter. What fucking use is it unless you are out getting drunk with your girlfriends.........It's stupid. seriously.

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How the women of NPR brought down an American institution.

Dear Internet,
I didn’t used to care or watch much Fox News, though I did find Bill O’Reilly amusing on occasion. The difference for me of course is that I have spent my life on Radio and television and I have seen what is happening at NPR before. But this is different. It is an American media train wreck played out on the world wide stage. It is the battle of good vs evil. It is a battle of wills and it is a battle of the sexes.

The later is the most important right now. It is Bill ORielly and Juan Williams on Fox vs Vivian Schiller and her gal pals at NPR: Koke Roberts, Nina totenberg, Dana Rehim, Anna Christopher, Terry Gross and the whole lot. This is a public media war being fought by the men and women at Fox News against the all girl show at NPR. Guess who’s winning.? NPR sure isn’t.

Vivian Schiller, NPRs CEO was ambushed yesterday by a Fox news reporter who she tried to duck and run from. She acted like a corporate criminal. Her other appearances on TV this week were just as horrible. Which made me think: ” Oh Jesus Christ, Just what the hell is going on down there at NPR, it’s time to turn the place upside down.” And that’s not just happening by me, it is happening by a lot of people all over the world most noteably the US congress.

Here is what I found and what needs to happen to keep NPR from going down. NPR is media culture run by hardened leftist feminists who are intolerant of strong males. Fox on the other hand has plenty of strong men and women on air.

NPR has come under ridicule by black female journalists who portray NPR as racist and all white. NPR has been unable to control the spin and every time they try they are no match for Fox News. They look like idiots when discussed by O’Reilly and Williams. NPR is getting killed by popular culture and it ain’t over yet. NPR is ill equipped for this kind of battle. Those snobby girl journalists at NPR are absolutely no match for the seasoned on air gun fighters at Fox. Politics aside.

I don’t think NPR’s loyal fan base will carry them in the US congress this time. So in order to save NPR, Vivian Schiller has to go. She wasn’t that important to begin with, but she is the face of a callous, thoughtless, unjust executive out to get black people . NPR needs another face on this.

It sure as hell isn’t Anna Christopher who whipped Juan Williams some more yesterday.

What these women don’t get and will probably never get is that they are being portrayed as racist white southern Jim crow women with a northern Washington upper class penchant. It is all unsaid of course. But black women reporters know who they are and they have been blogging about their former masters. NPR fired all of the black reporters. This is a black white thing amongst these women. It is a race issue. It is a male female issue too. And the deeper you look the uglier it gets for NPR.

So how am I supposed listen to weekend edition or Wait Wait without thinking of these crazy incompetent feminists who fucked up an American institution because they hate strong educated fearless black men. And that’s really what this is about.

It is time for the board at NPR to shake the place up or they will go down with the ship and take the American people with them. This episode could well be the end of the left wing of the Democrat party in America too. Schiller and her gal pals will most assuredly effect the national election in a few days, handing many seats to their arch rivals the Republicans. Another reason for the board to fire them. But Vivian Schillers days at NPR are over. Just that she doesn’t have a 2 million dollar job waiting for her. She has a hole to crawl into.

Jann Scott

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best and Worst Morning Denver News TV shows

Dear Internet,
I often do a best or worst media awards show each year. Since all of the Best of awards are really marketing schemes to sell advertising, heres my take on whats good and what’s crap. This just concerns local TV news out of Denver . First of all I don’t watch cable news any more, so this is only about broadcast news.

1. KWGN Channel 2 has the best all around morning news. What I like about it are their features and interviews which are mostly network cut aways, but they are interesting and that gives Channel 2 an edge. They do the same conflict” bleeds it leads” as everybody else but they mix it up with features. Tom Greene is good. The other one isn’t too bright. The local writing for the anchors sucks, but some of the reporters are good. The wide coverage is the best.The weather reports suck and who cares about traffic. Too bad Channel 2 does not have a network news feed. But they really do local news. good Job.

After Channel 2 everyone else is a far, very far second. Why? Because , they beat CONFLICT, DEATH, MURDER, news to death and they are fucking insult.

2. Gary Shapiro and Kyle Dyer on Channel 9 morning news are the most genuine. Kyle of course is adorable. They do a competent job considering what and who they work for and the crap they are given to read.

3. Channel 7′s Mitch Jelniker is funny. Hey’s kind of an asshole, but he gets away with it. And whoever his co-anchor is has to be an unwitting foil.

4. Channel 4. Who?

5. Channel 31 Fox ……Oh my god. the Chick is very cute, but very very dumb. The skin head guy looks like he’s ready to slit his wrists all of the time………..which makes the news cast painfully funny.

6. Boulder’s News Team Boulder on Channel 63 is the worst possible crap the University of Colorado could show case. The have a terrible broadcast journalism program.

Know what I really like?? It’s BBC news on on channel 6 and channel 12……….Well, ok, if you are interested in weather from Botswana.

You know I am just so sick of the Godamn News, I am going to have to do something about it. We tried a daily news cast on Boulder channel 1, but the little punk we hired wanted to turn our news into the same old shit. So she was gone. Although we do an occasional news which will be my model.

from Boulder
Jann Scott

Sunday, October 17, 2010

@SpeakerPelosi @whitehouse missed Talk radio...tsk call me

@youngdems @HouseDemocrats @BarackObama, Never used "Talk" radio,TV,

One of the mistakes the Democrats have made so far in the fall 2010 elections is that they did not organize the "talk show hosts" who are on their side. Like me. All over America there are talk show hosts on TV, radio and internet. The Dems nor white house never reached out.

In 1992 I interviewed Hillary Clinton on radio and TV, because the Clintons did not turn down any radio request....They knew.
but in 2010...........Democrats really dropped the ball. They can pick it up now......but lets see if this blog garners even one phone call. If not my point is proved.

from Americas most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado
from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

@youngdems @HouseDemocrats @BarackObama, Never used "Talk" radio,TV,

One of the mistakes the Democrats have made so far in the fall 2010 elections is that they did not organize the "talk show hosts" who are on their side. Like me. All over America there are talk show hosts on TV, radio and internet. The Dems nor white house never reached out.

In 1992 I interviewed Hillary Clinton on radio and TV, because the Clintons did not turn down any radio request....They knew.
but in 2010...........Democrats really dropped the ball. They can pick it up now......but lets see if this blog garners even one phone call. If not my point is proved.

from Americas most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Problems when Boulder Street alcoholics make it unsafe for a local non-profit

Dear Internet
Over the past few weeks I have written about what happens when do gooders get over run by street alcoholics. In their naive attempt to help them, these do gooder have caused a dangerous situation. That has happened at Boulder One Foundation which holds 12 step meetings of all kinds for all sorts of Boulderites who are looking for support. Boulder one is located out in the industrial zone of Western Avenue near Ball Aerospace on East Arapahoe avenue here in Boulder.

One of the mistakes they have made over the past decade is they let hardened street alcoholics camp in and out side of their facility. With no supervision these street pirates have, robbed, stolen, broken into neighboring business, vandalized the facility, dealt drugs, run off unsuspecting new members, caused unsanitary conditions inside, and generally been a menace. It is unbelievable that the board of directors have let this go on. They do it of course in the belief that they may actually be able to help this hard core population. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What has happened is that Boulder One foundation has become unsafe at night for anyone unsuspecting. It is especially dangerous for women coming in alone at night or worse for children. No one is around at night when most of the evil deeds take place. In the morning these street pirates come into the facility at 7:00 am when it opens. They are treated like MASCOTS, patted on the back, given a few bucks so they can go out and drink and drug some more. Worse STILL, they victimize people who are trying to get help. I equate them to rapists who con the staff in the daylight hours who terrorize the streets at night.

Some of these hard core sit out AT THE PICNIC TABLES AT BOULDER ONE at night drinking or taking drugs and when some one comes in to ask about serviceS they are verbally or physically pounced upon and driven off. I have personally witnessed this. When I brought up my concerns to their Chair, he told me to buzz off and that he “refused to legislate behavior.” What??!! Today he told me to stop complaining. He apparently does not know me well ENOUGH. once i sink my teeth into an issue of human injustice I am not likely to quit.

So, what I have done is contact the police for some community policing of the public areas of this facility. Boulder one chair Chris balked at it calling it using a bully pulpit. He wants to protect the rights of these people who work the system where ever they go, but he denies the rights of the vulnerable.

The Boulder police department told me they run into this scenario all of the time. What?? Yep. In order for the police to put a stop to hard core alcoholics over running a neighborhood, they have to get what is called an affidavit of Trespass signed by the lease hold of every business victimized by these people. Many business’s resist until the situation becomes unbearable as it did recently at the harvest House and Safe-way shopping center, when that private property became a huge homeless drinking camp.

Since Boulder One refused to co operate with me and the police, I went to all of the neighbors and got the affidavits filled out myself. I also filled out a personal complaint that Boulder One was allowing street alcoholics to camp outside during closing hours. That hasn’t made me real popular with the Boulder one board or the drug dealers they allow to do business, but I don’t really give a fuck. This is when one person can make a difference, when a community will allow crime to go on in the neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong here now. I am not talking about out of work homeless citizens who want a hand up. I am talking about harden street alcoholics who will rob , steal or rape their way into your life. People who will rip you off anyway they can.

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado