Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How the women of NPR brought down an American institution.

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I didn’t used to care or watch much Fox News, though I did find Bill O’Reilly amusing on occasion. The difference for me of course is that I have spent my life on Radio and television and I have seen what is happening at NPR before. But this is different. It is an American media train wreck played out on the world wide stage. It is the battle of good vs evil. It is a battle of wills and it is a battle of the sexes.

The later is the most important right now. It is Bill ORielly and Juan Williams on Fox vs Vivian Schiller and her gal pals at NPR: Koke Roberts, Nina totenberg, Dana Rehim, Anna Christopher, Terry Gross and the whole lot. This is a public media war being fought by the men and women at Fox News against the all girl show at NPR. Guess who’s winning.? NPR sure isn’t.

Vivian Schiller, NPRs CEO was ambushed yesterday by a Fox news reporter who she tried to duck and run from. She acted like a corporate criminal. Her other appearances on TV this week were just as horrible. Which made me think: ” Oh Jesus Christ, Just what the hell is going on down there at NPR, it’s time to turn the place upside down.” And that’s not just happening by me, it is happening by a lot of people all over the world most noteably the US congress.

Here is what I found and what needs to happen to keep NPR from going down. NPR is media culture run by hardened leftist feminists who are intolerant of strong males. Fox on the other hand has plenty of strong men and women on air.

NPR has come under ridicule by black female journalists who portray NPR as racist and all white. NPR has been unable to control the spin and every time they try they are no match for Fox News. They look like idiots when discussed by O’Reilly and Williams. NPR is getting killed by popular culture and it ain’t over yet. NPR is ill equipped for this kind of battle. Those snobby girl journalists at NPR are absolutely no match for the seasoned on air gun fighters at Fox. Politics aside.

I don’t think NPR’s loyal fan base will carry them in the US congress this time. So in order to save NPR, Vivian Schiller has to go. She wasn’t that important to begin with, but she is the face of a callous, thoughtless, unjust executive out to get black people . NPR needs another face on this.

It sure as hell isn’t Anna Christopher who whipped Juan Williams some more yesterday.

What these women don’t get and will probably never get is that they are being portrayed as racist white southern Jim crow women with a northern Washington upper class penchant. It is all unsaid of course. But black women reporters know who they are and they have been blogging about their former masters. NPR fired all of the black reporters. This is a black white thing amongst these women. It is a race issue. It is a male female issue too. And the deeper you look the uglier it gets for NPR.

So how am I supposed listen to weekend edition or Wait Wait without thinking of these crazy incompetent feminists who fucked up an American institution because they hate strong educated fearless black men. And that’s really what this is about.

It is time for the board at NPR to shake the place up or they will go down with the ship and take the American people with them. This episode could well be the end of the left wing of the Democrat party in America too. Schiller and her gal pals will most assuredly effect the national election in a few days, handing many seats to their arch rivals the Republicans. Another reason for the board to fire them. But Vivian Schillers days at NPR are over. Just that she doesn’t have a 2 million dollar job waiting for her. She has a hole to crawl into.

Jann Scott

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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