Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Denver Police Brutality. It ain’t over.Mayor Hickenlooper and Denver PD chief Whitman do not get it

Dear Internet,
I am in total disbelief at the remarks of John Hickenlooper and Denver police chief Jerry Whitman. Their remarks yesterday backing the police department and minimalizing the dramatic increase of police brutality cases is shocking. The public continues to be infuriated by them. “we back and support our officers 100%” it is not the time. It is time to be critical and to make we will not tolerate this kind of brutality anymore. It is not the time to blame an independent report which finds rampant brutality in Denver PD. It is time to fess up. It is time to say how truly disappointed you are in the Denver PD. it is not the time for the Police Union to play the victim card. They are not victims. We are. It is not time to blame blogs and talk radio and the news for staying on this story. It is time to admit the Denver police department is one screwed is mess.

To re-cap: Video has surfaced showing Denver PD beating citizens Rodney King style in multiple instances. The department also beat to death a jail inmate in the booking area. Hearings show that the Denver PD is way out of control. Now the mayor and police chief are denying it all…along with police attorney. The public safety director Ron Herra stepped down yesterday under huge public pressure. Why did he step down?? because he is a jerk and talked like a gangster about the citizens who were beaten by Denver cops. Hick and Whitman both back these thugs. It is time for Jerry Whitman to get the hell out of Dodge. He has to go. As far as I’m concerned Hickenlooper needs to resign as mayor and drop his gubernatorial race. He has really screwed up. this is terrible. Back the police department my foot. Clean up the police department needs to be the rule of the day.
Jann Scott
Boulder Colo

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Build a mosque 2 blocks from World Trade Center footprint?..plain dumb idea…hate aside

Dear internet,
You don’t want to get me started on this topic. I’ll start to sound too pragmatic. All hate aside. But I compare the state of Islam to Nazism from 1940′s Germany Europe and State Shinto Buddhism of Imperial Japan. Both were outlawed by the League of Nations. Islam is a dangerous religion which call for the rule of the world in an Islamic state. Muslims are like Nazis or Shintos. They want world domination and the building of a mosque at the site of the world trade center is a symbolic victory for Islam. The United States, France, Germany, Brittan, Spain, the entire European Union, China, and Russia are all at war with Islam. Despite the fact that no one will say it out loud, it appears president Obama is out of step with the serious nature Islam presents to the world. Unfortunately, sooner or later all of the world civilized governments will be force to announce what they all privately believe. Islam is a violent dangerous religion which is at war with the world. we are presently in World War three and that war is with Islam.
It is not as simple as the Christian crusades of the 11th and 12 centuries. These people; Muslims, want to kill us all and rule the world. Most all of the Islamic countries are uncivilized and rule under ancient religious rules of the Koran which suppress human rights. We Americans and Brits made them all rich off of the oil we found in the middle East. The problem is that they were and still are a 12 century culture who go around beheading people and stoning little girls in Stadiums. I mean what the fuck. These people are barbarians. Fact. You can’t reason with these people. Mosques are used as recruitment centers all over the world. There are 125 known Islamic army’s in 125 different countries world wide. We are at war with Islam. They not only attacked us on 911, they started World War Three.
There is simply no difference between Islam and Shinto or the pagan Nazism. All are nationalists. You know the nation of Islam?? Civilization of Muslims collectively which is governed by the Muslim religion?? Imperial Japan? Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party?? If anything we need to ban Islam. the world court needs to rule it illegal in every country we conquer. Starting with Iraq. Either that or we are all going to fucking die the next time they nuke us on our own soil with Russian made weapons.
sorry to break the news folks, but every think tank in the world has come to this very same conclusion 20 years ago.
from america smartest city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

from Americas most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado

Friday, August 20, 2010

Denver Police beatings

  1. ChannelOneNetworksBoulderChannel1 Fire Ron Ferrera!!!!!!! denver policebeatings. http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
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    Fire that JERK Ron Ferrera Denver pub. safety and chief Gerald R. Whitman. denver police beatings.http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
  3. ChannelOneNetworksBoulderChannel1
    Corruption been forever with Denver PD!denver police beatings. http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
  4. ChannelOneNetworksBoulderChannel1
    Denver citizens must arm themselves to fight back at crazy Denver cops. LA did. denver police beatings.http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
  5. ChannelOneNetworksBoulderChannel1
    Denver PD Motto :"we’ll beat the crap out of whoever we want whenever we want" denver police beatings.http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
  6. ChannelOneNetworksBoulderChannel1
    News:: Denver Police Beatings department is out of Control! Fire them all!! http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/?p=1314
from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

Denver Police Department out of control: Unbelievable

Dear Internet,
Denver Police department has always had a reputation for system wide corruption and for officers who wear the badge but are thugs in reality. This is a department which cannot be trusted. This is a department when compared to Boulder PD does not come close to modern day policing.
This is a department who in the 1930s were mostly Klan members. In the 1940′s had unsolved murders of citizens attributed to them. In the 1970′s more than 1/2 the department were fired for taking bribes. In the 1980′s and 90s constant claims of police brutality. And now, this week we have two video cases of citizens being attacked and beaten nearly to death by patrol officers.
In both cases the Chief of police in Denver has said nothing .He needs to do something or be fired. The director of Public Safety a former Denver cop has backed his officers with a smirk and sneer on his face. He is attempting a cover up in the face of horrible video. He needs to go. Mayor Hickenlooper needs to clean up Denver PD or he needs top go too. His run for Governor is now in jeopardy. All four of those officers … I say that reservedly….they are jack ass cops who need some street justice from the community…… should have been fired immediately. They haven’t even been put on administrative leave. The message sent to the community is ” we’ll beat the crap out of whoever we want whenever we want”
If this situation is not put in check by the weekend, reprisals against Denver police officers will likely happen during this coming hot weekend. The Denver news media has gone after the Denver PD non-stop all week long. The community protests are at a peak shrill demanding resignations high and low. But the real threat is yet to come. That threat will come from frustrated citizens who will take up arms against the Denver PD. It has happened before. Los Angeles has seen daily shootings at passing police cars from atop buildings as has Oakland and San Francisco. That is just my take on it. But the citizens of Denver are in no mood. I wouldn’t want to be a cop there right now.
Jann Scott
Thank god I live in Boulder

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado