Friday, August 20, 2010

Denver Police Department out of control: Unbelievable

Dear Internet,
Denver Police department has always had a reputation for system wide corruption and for officers who wear the badge but are thugs in reality. This is a department which cannot be trusted. This is a department when compared to Boulder PD does not come close to modern day policing.
This is a department who in the 1930s were mostly Klan members. In the 1940′s had unsolved murders of citizens attributed to them. In the 1970′s more than 1/2 the department were fired for taking bribes. In the 1980′s and 90s constant claims of police brutality. And now, this week we have two video cases of citizens being attacked and beaten nearly to death by patrol officers.
In both cases the Chief of police in Denver has said nothing .He needs to do something or be fired. The director of Public Safety a former Denver cop has backed his officers with a smirk and sneer on his face. He is attempting a cover up in the face of horrible video. He needs to go. Mayor Hickenlooper needs to clean up Denver PD or he needs top go too. His run for Governor is now in jeopardy. All four of those officers … I say that reservedly….they are jack ass cops who need some street justice from the community…… should have been fired immediately. They haven’t even been put on administrative leave. The message sent to the community is ” we’ll beat the crap out of whoever we want whenever we want”
If this situation is not put in check by the weekend, reprisals against Denver police officers will likely happen during this coming hot weekend. The Denver news media has gone after the Denver PD non-stop all week long. The community protests are at a peak shrill demanding resignations high and low. But the real threat is yet to come. That threat will come from frustrated citizens who will take up arms against the Denver PD. It has happened before. Los Angeles has seen daily shootings at passing police cars from atop buildings as has Oakland and San Francisco. That is just my take on it. But the citizens of Denver are in no mood. I wouldn’t want to be a cop there right now.
Jann Scott
Thank god I live in Boulder

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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