Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Denver Police Brutality. It ain’t over.Mayor Hickenlooper and Denver PD chief Whitman do not get it

Dear Internet,
I am in total disbelief at the remarks of John Hickenlooper and Denver police chief Jerry Whitman. Their remarks yesterday backing the police department and minimalizing the dramatic increase of police brutality cases is shocking. The public continues to be infuriated by them. “we back and support our officers 100%” it is not the time. It is time to be critical and to make we will not tolerate this kind of brutality anymore. It is not the time to blame an independent report which finds rampant brutality in Denver PD. It is time to fess up. It is time to say how truly disappointed you are in the Denver PD. it is not the time for the Police Union to play the victim card. They are not victims. We are. It is not time to blame blogs and talk radio and the news for staying on this story. It is time to admit the Denver police department is one screwed is mess.

To re-cap: Video has surfaced showing Denver PD beating citizens Rodney King style in multiple instances. The department also beat to death a jail inmate in the booking area. Hearings show that the Denver PD is way out of control. Now the mayor and police chief are denying it all…along with police attorney. The public safety director Ron Herra stepped down yesterday under huge public pressure. Why did he step down?? because he is a jerk and talked like a gangster about the citizens who were beaten by Denver cops. Hick and Whitman both back these thugs. It is time for Jerry Whitman to get the hell out of Dodge. He has to go. As far as I’m concerned Hickenlooper needs to resign as mayor and drop his gubernatorial race. He has really screwed up. this is terrible. Back the police department my foot. Clean up the police department needs to be the rule of the day.
Jann Scott
Boulder Colo

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

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