Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Camera Erika Stuzman clueless and blonde

City of Boulder is correct to tax Bars, Party permits, to curb drunken excess

Erika Stutzman the editor of the Daily Camera is young and inexperienced. Her editorial criticizing the Boulder city councils considering taxing bars for late night openings and charging party fees for big college parties shows just how young she is. When i say young, I mean MZ Stutzman is immature, not seasoned , not wise to the ways of the world. And the ways of the world on University hill since the mid 1990′s have been drunken, rioting, fighting, raping debauchery when the bars let out in the Spring or fall.

I have have to pay for extra cops to stand outside of Hill bars when the drunk kids come out and start fighting. I also had to pay for last weeks riot. I think the bars and Party givers should pay for extra police to protect me from them.

Stutzman also blindly noted that last weeks party and murder were not connected. Nonsense. Everyone was drunk up there last Friday night. When this trial concludes, I think we will find that all three involved in the murder were drunk and had attended the riot. They were all fueled for murder.

It had to take this tragedy for the city council to start acting like city parents and reel the college kids, their bars and partys in. The University certainly won’t do it.

Last Week LSU became newsworthy because of the school and cities commitment to high academic standards.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado