Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best and Worst Morning Denver News TV shows

Dear Internet,
I often do a best or worst media awards show each year. Since all of the Best of awards are really marketing schemes to sell advertising, heres my take on whats good and what’s crap. This just concerns local TV news out of Denver . First of all I don’t watch cable news any more, so this is only about broadcast news.

1. KWGN Channel 2 has the best all around morning news. What I like about it are their features and interviews which are mostly network cut aways, but they are interesting and that gives Channel 2 an edge. They do the same conflict” bleeds it leads” as everybody else but they mix it up with features. Tom Greene is good. The other one isn’t too bright. The local writing for the anchors sucks, but some of the reporters are good. The wide coverage is the best.The weather reports suck and who cares about traffic. Too bad Channel 2 does not have a network news feed. But they really do local news. good Job.

After Channel 2 everyone else is a far, very far second. Why? Because , they beat CONFLICT, DEATH, MURDER, news to death and they are fucking insult.

2. Gary Shapiro and Kyle Dyer on Channel 9 morning news are the most genuine. Kyle of course is adorable. They do a competent job considering what and who they work for and the crap they are given to read.

3. Channel 7′s Mitch Jelniker is funny. Hey’s kind of an asshole, but he gets away with it. And whoever his co-anchor is has to be an unwitting foil.

4. Channel 4. Who?

5. Channel 31 Fox ……Oh my god. the Chick is very cute, but very very dumb. The skin head guy looks like he’s ready to slit his wrists all of the time………..which makes the news cast painfully funny.

6. Boulder’s News Team Boulder on Channel 63 is the worst possible crap the University of Colorado could show case. The have a terrible broadcast journalism program.

Know what I really like?? It’s BBC news on on channel 6 and channel 12……….Well, ok, if you are interested in weather from Botswana.

You know I am just so sick of the Godamn News, I am going to have to do something about it. We tried a daily news cast on Boulder channel 1, but the little punk we hired wanted to turn our news into the same old shit. So she was gone. Although we do an occasional news which will be my model.

from Boulder
Jann Scott

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