Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ward Chruchill Not a grateful Indian on this thanksgiving:

C. U. “Did Too” Violate Ward Churchill’s first amendment rights, just like CATV 54 violated mine on Thanksgiving 1999

Wounded Knee…………..Sand Creek …………..Ward Churchill ……………Jann Scott…………. Boulder and CU’s invovement with genocide and their attempt to silence critics

Dear Internet

Thanksgiving Thursday Nov. 25 1999 The front page of Boulder Daily Camera day read: Talk show Host Jann Scott thrown off CATV 54 . It is by no accident that Ward Churchill appeals process was on todays front page of the Camera on Thanksgiving day 2010 exactly 11 years later. I appeared on a first amendment related story in 1999 which went on for 7 months. I eventually won my fight for free speech. But On that day I was to have 3 native American Indian chiefs on my Jann Scott Live show. We were all denied access. I had to fight for free speech rights again in Boulder Between 2006 and 2009. I was again to win a hard bitter fought struggle with “the man” The white man.

It is no mistake that todays paper is about Ward Churchill a Native American Indian professor at CU who has been violated by the White man who murdered his people at Wounded Knee. It is no co incidence that the city of Boulder sent 100s of troops to Sand Creek in the 1880s to murder Innocent Indian women and children on Colorados Eastern Plains. Yes that’s right peace loving happiest city in America has a dark past. Boulderites are the murderers of Sand Creek and we as a community have as of yet made reparations or even an apology to those Indians. CU was involved in that massacre as well just like CU is involved in the illegal firing of their only Indian professor who publicly shamed white people for their genocide world wide.

What the hell is the matter with them. ?? Is it that the Heritage of the board of regents from CU are white European protestant
bunch of  Indian murdering, no good white  sons of bitches, that's what's wrong.
 Not much has changed since the Indian wars of the late 1800's.

Ward Churchill is on the front page of the Daily Camera on this Thanksgiving day November 25 2010; on a day when we celebrate the Indians of Massachusetts who saved the white European settlers from starvation; a day to give thanks to the Indians; On this day Ward Churchill looks out at you above the fold of the Camera and says” fuck you whitey. We’re going to the supreme court.” Ward Churchill stands for every murdered Indian who ever lived on the American Plains. Ward Churchill is Sand Creek Massecure come home to Boulder to get in our face and say “Murderers!! I’ll give you thanksgiving you phony white trash.” Today is a day not to give thanks but to put on Indian war paint and tell the truth about what the white devils from Boulder did and continue to do to Indians. Murders! All!

Thanksgiving in Boulder represents a city and university who routinely violate all peoples 1st amendment rights. The Daily Camera Keeps that tradition alive by speaking out; by making Thanksgiving a day to Stick it to the man.

Speaking of sticking it to the man I’d like to give a shout out to the little Boulder Nazis who populate Twitter and remind them, I will personally come after anyone of you white pieces of shit who ever tries to destroy anyone or any business on Twitter. You know who you are and I know where you live.

For all of this I am grateful

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

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