Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Max Weller from Daily Camera a fake homeless man for the ages

Who is Max Weller from the Boulder Daily Camera and why is he saying horrible things about Jann Scott, the Homeless and those of us who try to help them??

Well that just about says it all .

Here is a letter I wrote today sounding the alarm again on what freezing temperatures do to the homeless..
Max Weller
Neil Colbert
Seth Brigham
Rob Smoke
Boulder City council

My position and the position of Boulder Channel 1 news is very simple: The Homeless Shelter and warming centers should be open in the daytime when the temperatures are 20 degrees and lower. I want the city to hold a homeless summit to this effect. I want any city moneys going to the homeless shelter to include the above in their contract. They must be made to open and held accountable

Max and Neil are relatively new to working with the homeless. We don't travel in the same circles. Work with the homeless does not all happen at the Shelter or the Carriage house, I assure you. I have been homeless on the streets of Boulder so has Rob. We both more than qualify to address any of these hard issues. (way before Max and Neil showed up)

But all of that is moot. It cannot be allowed to have people freeze during the day in Boulder. Neil and max are invited to join us old timers in that struggle.
Jann Scott
from Americas most famous small city Jann Scott Boulder Colorado


Sethy Pooh said...

Jann, if you did a little investigation of max you will fid he went to prison for having his mother rot inthe home she lived in with him as he cashed her social security checks, in Kansas, do a search...

Sethy Pooh said...

LEXINGTON, Mo. (AP) -- After the decomposed body of a woman who apparently died early last year was found in her home, her son was charged Monday with receiving stolen property and 16 counts of forgery.

The charges, as well as one of abandoning a corpse, were filed against Max Weller, 46, of Lexington.

Lafayette County prosecutors said the alleged scam dated back to as early as February 2001 -- the apparent time that Mildred Weller died. They said her body, covered with a tarp and packed with cat litter, lay in her home since then.

According to court documents, Lexington police found the body while trying to check on the well-being of the retired schoolteacher. Neighors became suspicious because of tall grass and widespread weed growth in her yard.

"We were led to believe that she was in rest homes in Basehor, Kan., and then Kansas City," next-door neighbor James McGrath said. "Turns out that was just a decoy."

While police were seeking Mildred Weller, federal officials were investigating a case of possible Social Security fraud and forged checks by Max Weller, according to court documents.

At the home, investigators found signs posted outside claiming the house was rigged with traps.

The woman's body was in one bedroom and checks from her bank account were discovered in another.

Investigators believe Mildred Weller died of natural causes, but were awaiting the results of an autopsy to make a final determination.

Neighbors described the Wellers as people who kept to themselves and considered Max Weller standoffish.

"I figured there was something going on," said Rona Reade. "He was always in the house, and he wouldn't let anyone come in their yard."

Weller, McGrath said, was "a hard gentleman to figure out."

McGrath said he served on the City Council in Lexington and had considered a run for mayor within the past few months.