Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twitter : the creeped out side: censorship; leftist hatred during the boulder fire

All of the twitter people are praising themselves over this social media involvement with spreading information on the boulder fire at four mile canyon. At first I experienced much of the same. And then it changed. I witnessed a violent pack mentality that took place. I have seen this before with young angry pot smoking leftists who practice censorship and intolerance at their core.

This is a very dangerous way of being. Some of the e-mails I got were personal attacks on me and my company. When I responded they projected all of their hate on to me.

What worries me about the Twitter movement is that the company has a policy of wanting to effect political power world wide. This is also true with Facebook. I mean, they have stated it in so many words. These two companies are run by 26 year olds who have a "one world view" as do many of the users of both. They happen to be educated, white, and leftist and want to control the world. Kind of a new fascism.

Quite frankly, their are some real shit heads on Twitter from Boulder. If you check @jannscott you'll find three very nasty kids....two girls and a guy.... who personify hate, control, revenge.

I ran into a former Sheriffs department deputy and his friends who target people they don't like. In some ways twitter is about bullying, targeting and harassment. Another person wrote about this very same topic a few days ago while reading #boulderfire and watching the hate build.

I plan on doing some TV shows on this and addressing the people who pulled this crap and calling them out on Mass Media....... When movements like this move from business to politics to taking over the world that's where I step in and say something.

the 1000's pf people who sit on twitter all day, with nothing to do is .......well they are like a bunch of old ladies gossiping quite frankly.

from Americas most famous small cityJann Scott Boulder Colorado

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