Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Which of these Boulder TV news sites do you like best??

Dear Internet
Hi everybody,
Which one of these do you like the best?

Boulder Channel 1 TV News Anchor, Natalie Wood, Boulder Fall Fest Sept 28,
1. tv site first developed for word press: http://c1n.tv/boulder/

2. This one is our News blog http://c1n.tv/boulder/blog/

3. new site under development with video to left. http://c1n.tv/?p=469 .

4. This one is blog spot: http://wwwboulderchannel1com.blogspot.com/

5. and this one is Youtube http://www.youtube.com/boulderchannel1

Which one of these presentations do you like best 1.2 3 4. 5.

We need to know. Any thoughts appreciated

From Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott

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