Monday, February 15, 2010

#Boulder studded snow tires and tulip bulbs; "My Life in Boulder"

Dear Internet,
OMG! my bulbs have burst through the leaves in my garden. The first crocus shoots are up and it looks like the daffodils are up as well. I pulled some of the leaves off. I hope that is not a mistake. The dirt below the leaves is moist and soft. But I am afraid if I leave the mulch on top, the stems will come up too long and not flower. On the other hand, exposed shoots are a temptation to the dreaded squirrels.

This morning it is 15 degrees this morning. Yesterday it was 6 above. Snow coming. So I got fed up and went down and bought a set of studded snow tires. I am sick of sliding through red lights and off ramps. Studded snows are the only kinds of tires for me when i have to do TV work in bad weather. I'll save the all season tires I took off for June through September. I should have put them on last September, because I have not felt safe all winter with all of our bad snow.
But still my bulbs persist. Even though march and April have the biggest dumps, it is wet snow, melts right away, relatively warm temps........yep.....undeniable......Spring is just around the corner.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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