Friday, February 12, 2010

re #IgniteBoulder Why Boulder startups fail.

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A few of you were wondering what I was getting at in yesterdays post. I was getting at the holy grail. No matter what group it is; The Tea party or Ignite Boulder, they are so lock step in religious fervor and group think, that there is no critical thinking allowed. The group think with the Ignite Boulder crowd is complete and total denial that their technology culture is connected. I made the links. That is "Ignite Boulder = Techstars= Startup Boulder = marketing pitches= new media = The New Economy" which they are all apart of. But what shown through is that snobby anti-business, anti sales, guilt and shame ie; "we're just having fun raising money for the environment or whatever". It is the lie that I honed in on. The defense is; 'you don't get us' Oh I get it. In fact I'm a fan. Ignite Boulder is great fun. What I'm not a fan of is the anti capitalist, anti business crowd doing business in many forms... ie Ignite Boulder is really a giant promotion for a lot of ideas, business and the tech culture itself. So why fight it ? Why be ashamed??
I hear it a lot from some of the sales people who work for these youthful companies..... The sales people tell me that their leaders hate business deep down inside. That cultural attitude poured out in yesterdays comments. As someone who runs a successful tech company, these are the kind of contractors and employees I try to weed out. They poison a company and are the main reason start ups fail.

I am amazed at the 20 hours a day coverage given by Speed and ESPN to speed weeks at Daytona. Auto racing has stormed across America as it's number one spectator sport. 27 year old Danica Patrick qualified 5th for Saturdays nationwide Race. Her first time in a Stock car. Just amazing.

Aaron, our webmaster and editor gets more done in an hour than most techies get done in a day. Just this last week he edited a 30 minute 22Boom, edited the news, Jann Scott Live, updated our 23 You tube accounts nightly, put up new shows on Boulder Channel1 daily, updated client websites daily, our restaurant channel, film channel....Plus he organized our social media links.

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