Sunday, February 28, 2010

Addiction; what if God was one of us?

Dear internet,
Yesterday I wrote about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction and predictably, the sick addicts in our community wrote in denying there was ever a problem. I'm not publishing their remarks because they are totally merit less.
Two of them are addicts who were in recovery and have now managed to live in internal futility. We all have someone in our lives like that. They never want to look at their own addiction, complain about everyone else and then sink deeper into the mire.
One friend just switched drugs but he can't see it. He was pretty upset that I dare address community addiction....calling it something else....a favorite addict denial system blaming the "War on Drugs" for his problems. Another friend has a parent who is a terrible alcoholic. Boulder has a lot of parents who are terrible alcoholics who screw their kids up. This guy is pretty angry with my discussions on addiction too. But he has a glimmer of hope, because he sees where he is addicted and might be ready to quit again. That's where I can help. I am pretty good at helping people down that path. Folks just need a way out of addiction that is attractive and is doable in small doses so to speak ( pun intended).

Since it's Sunday, I though I'd talk about God before I go to church. Boulder is a spiritual community. The churches are filled. Even those who don't go to a church are seeking God on some path. We are seekers...searchers. I was. I went to every church in Boulder, tried every religion, went to every seminar you could think of and then one day while talking to a lady out on east Arapahoe, she invited me to Richie Furrays rock n roll church on 9th street. I went there not knowing what to expect and had a Joel Eddlestien moment.......the realization that their was a God, that I was a created being by someone else who cared enough that his presence would be shown to me if I asked. More about Him later.
tears of joy
from Americas most spiritual small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

335 days left

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