Friday, February 19, 2010

Social media is a scam. Youtube, Google and governments rule our thoughts

Dear Internet,
It gives me pause, again, to see and think, that our lives are becoming ruled more and more by corporations and governments. Supposedly cool companies like You tube and Google have the ability to control your free speech, thoughts, even this blog, by their policy "support team" and its computers. I spoke today by phone with Steven Chen a policy executive at Google about getting our You Tube accounts re instated. I couldn't reach You Tube, but I went for the top at ( remember when I told you about going to top at T-Mobile) Steven Chen the CEO. I happened to land on Steven Chen (same name ) in policy at Google which owns you Tube.
He told me that the policy departments at You Tube and Google don't speak as much as they should and that these problems come up. The You Tube campus is across town in Mountain View California. He called around and sent us emails to have our You Tube sites restored.
Yet, we at Channel One Networks are still at their mercy. Same holds true with Twitter or Face Book. You can't build your company on their sites.... And we haven't....but we have fallen into the social media trap of using them for marketing and sending our viewers to them to get to us. So we are re-thinking all of that strategy now. We actually compete with them. the concept that the kids have, that we are all co operating in the new social media is really just a long line to the ovens.
We are completely different than You tube. We are a traditional television network only on the Internet; with channels in every city in the world...with original programming and an advertising revenue stream that is local. We are designed to save you tube from financial collapse. At some point I'll sell this company to Google, but they are eerie.
As most of you know I have addressed the issue of free speech, being controlled by governments and corporations for a long time. The Internet was supposed to be the new frontier, the last strong hold in that regard.......and it is now being eroded. Freedom must be protected lest we fall into a complete "nanny nation" mentality, only to be ruled by political morons on the left or right and by gobbling corporations.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
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