Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spyware eats my race car in My Life in Boulder

Dear Interweb,
Tonight I have two computers going. On my Viao laptop I picked up the notorious Vista Internet security 2010 virus while showing Steve pictures of Danica's Sports Illustrated spread during the NASCAR race at Daytona. That'll teach me. Guys are so dumb. We'll fall for a good looking girl even while watching racing. But the virus took over my entire computer.
So now I've installed Spyware Doctor who is busily eating the vista virus. But I am happy I figured out how to find an anti spyware that would overtake this powerful virus. I think. It's supposed to be free.
Two big Daytona races were on TV today. These signal the beginning of spring with racing season in full swing. Tomorrow is the Daytona 500 the biggest stock car racing event in America. It has surpassed the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans in Europe. I of course raced Stock cars here in Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas for 7 years. It was at an amateur level, though we did win money, so I guess that would be semi pro. Non the less Stock car racing is a very serious sport,
very American and incredible fun. It's like velodrome racing for cars.
Little kids just love it. They also love monster trucks, stadium motor cycle racing, rodeo, bull riding and fireworks. It is all a huge part of western culture which I find wonderfull.
Today(sunday) I will be watching the Daytona 500 at 11:00 am. This is the holy grail of racing. Boulder is a weird place because, it has never been a motor racing kind of place. I am one of the few who ever campaigned a stock car from here. O well. It's still fun.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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