Thursday, February 4, 2010

"My life in Boulder" by Jann Scott day 9 My brother

Dear Internet.
This is day 9 of writing "My life in Boulder" project. What this means is that every day I have to come up with a topic, pick a time to write, think about what I am going to write and then write. I am trying to write about what is going on in my life day to day and perhaps write a related story from the past. I check and recheck grammar, spelling, and details.......watching #1 Kansas play C U basketball on TV.....excellent game evenly matched....2nd half.....I should be there.
I used to write 5 to 30 emails a day all day everyday for two years about all sorts of issues. It was just a little obsessive. This project is like writing one well thought out crafted email with a high level of exposure of who I am and what makes up my character; what has been my path and what is it now. I am starting to have deep revealing thoughts. Not that I usually don't, but they are becoming deeper.......3 point game Kansas....C U holding their own.......

When I was little my brother and father took me to some sports car and stock car races.......I have been a race car fan ever since I was five years old. My brother Jim has a bunch of race cars he races in the East. I have raced stock cars here throughout the Southwest. I also review new cars, test drive them and do an annual TV show covering every car at the Denver Auto show......but my brother and I don't fact none of my brothers and sister talk. I call one or another of them sometimes to wish them a happy holiday.....but they never call me or one another............ so I know we all are relegated to live out the past over and over until we resolve each time with love and kindness........1 point spread with 60 seconds to go .....CU at the line ....tie game............ My bother and I both played high school basket ball too. I miss him. What do you do with a family who don't talk?? ...........overtime....CU 60 Kansas 60..... They all live a few miles from each other and don't speak. Nobody talks. Their kids don't talk to their cousins......nobody talks to anybody. I would like to talk with them but sometimes when I do, I feel like I'm trying to rescue my family. It must be New England..........Kansas 72 C U 66..... final

About 50 of you are following "My Life......" on the 9th day. I am blown away by that. There is a way you can automatically have My life sent to you by clicking on the rss feed or follow. I have been emailing it to some of you.

from America's most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
356 days left

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