Tuesday, February 23, 2010

@CBS @ABC @NBC why do they relegate their best to last?

Dear Internet
My favorite news channels are on overnight between 2:00 am and 5:00 am. CBS, ABC, and NBC have the absolute best news casts, Barr none at ANY time of the day. They all have huge news organizations. The reporting and features at that time of the morning are far better than the crap we see on CNN and God forbid Fox. Yep. Better than PBS which is laborious, dry, dull and death at anytime. Better than BBC which is "over there".
The evening news casts for all three broadcast networks aren't very good. They are rushed and pressured. It looks like the news departments are frustrated and they have to do something with all of that talent, so the the networks let them do their thing in the dead of night when no one is watching. If the networks can sell infomercials they bump the news. Is anybody else besides me watching these broadcasts? They are young, hip, professional, "really intelligent", in depth and informative.
I like CBS the best. Two nights ago, the anchor for all 3 hours, Michelle Gilland interviewed an expert on Afghanistan who I've never seen before ) and I watch a lot of news and TV in general). In 5 minutes they explained something I never knew about Afghanistan.... That the government and military speak one language and all of the people they are fighting speak a totally different language and there are no translators and no one knows what the hell the other is doing or talking about. No wonder Afghan refugees want to come here and blow up the New York subway system. Makes sense to me. " Dude! you blew up my families hut! alright , I'm coming to New York and blow up your hut"
So what I want to know is why the hell don't these networks replay these overnight news casts during the day on their cable networks, when people are actually watchings?? It seems to be a huge waste. You and I are forced to watch inferior cable daytime drool. Not that they're reading this...........But if you are ever up late and can't sleep, check out the over night network news casts. (Oh incidentally I am on at that time too on comcast channel 22.)
I remember back in 1986 I used to watch all of the time when Charlie Rose hosted over nights on CBS. I felt the same way then. But since the economy has gone bad and networks can't sell infomercials, they put their very best on. Isn't it amazing how corporations and governments never seem to put their best forward??

writing tonight from my office high atop the world headquarters of World News One
Jann Scott
Boulder colorado
339 days left

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