Saturday, February 6, 2010

Was I out of line yesterday ??

Dear Internet,
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Yesterdays blog set off a bit of a stir with readers. Some of you thought I pretty much laid out that I got pissed off by incompetence in business and would not give up. I do have a bit of a reputation with sticktoitiveness, being relentless, not quitting, making things work and knowing how to have longevity and make a profit.
A few of you told me you didn't like the business side of me and found it a bit ruthless. To tell you the truth , you are all probably right.
Downtown boulder did call me back. I did speak to someone there and will speak again on Monday to the director. The word is..... that there was some confusion and we will work something out. I dunno.
Sometimes I just get pissed off rather than being cool calm and collected. Fortunately, I acted politely to everybody on the phone....I did really. I sort of let it all hang out here.......but only you saw it....I didn't send out a press release on yesterdays post. You .....I mean who is you.?..... as far as i know..........friends.....who share the same issues as me..... self importance, grandiosity, obsession etc. Crap. Should I re-write yesterdays blog and tone it down a bit?? Was I out of line? Okay. I did a bit of name calling. Mrrmmmmahhh.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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