Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Let the Dogs out and other disasters

Dear Internet,
Yesterday was kind of a disaster; a real Murphy's law day, YouTube suspended 3/4 of our video sites...apparently because we have more than one attached to one email. They did it without warning or without ever saying we needed more E-mails. That is two years work up in smoke and a labor and financial cost that is annoying. You Tube and Blogger are both owned by Google so I am at their mercy when it comes to their stuff. That is why I own Channel One networks and have our own account, our video in our control etc. It makes me rethink using You Tube or google for marketing. My plan actually is to buy You Tube or have them buy us, since we are a far more efficient and profitable design and operation.
I tried to get a rear wheel bicycle wheel fixed for homeless Dave , but the bike store wants $80!! $80 dollars for a rear wheel. !!!!
Then we have to fix channel our 22Boom show with a disclaimer and information number so we don't completely freak parents out with my commentary on "black Tar heroin at the library". Not that I mind, but that's another $100 dollars.
Of course Seth is drinking heavily again. I tried to help him last year. He got sober for a while.
He's a good example of why I don't drink.

Now the good things that happened yesterday. I got up early and worked out at Ricks at 6:00 AM. Then I had coffee with about 49 friends. Dave came over to clean the house, so it's all pretty. I had a client meeting that went well. We signed a year advertising deal, plus we are taking over their website, all social media marketing, and are going to install 6 video TV displays. Jack and I had dinner and then went to see C U beat Oklahoma in basketball.. and of course I love basketball.
In the morning I went to church. It was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent.......shit I forgot to fast. But I am thinking about praying for everyone I come across for the next 40 days, "that they get what the want and need in life." God likes that. And I am trying not to piss him off to0 much.......I pretty much used up a lot of rope in this it makes me feel better..... not to mention when you pray for other people......miracles happen in their lives and that is extraordinary to see.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado


Life in Boulder said...

from E-Mail:
If you can let me know exactly what the rear wheel on Dave's bike is I might be able to help him out.Re: YouTube, Google, Blogger; "When supping with the Devil use a long Spoon!" An old Polish proverb!Re: Seth; can you help him? Can he be helped?Re: Ash Wensday; It can't hurt you! Happy Blogging, Bill in Boulder

from E-Mail:
Thanks Jann. Sorry about the mess with google. I commit to eating abstinent meals today, having two protein or fruit snacks and no eating after dinner.
Are you planning your annual cookout on Easter Sunday?
Have a blessed day.

from E-Mail:
Hi Jann: Sorry to hear about the UTube fracas. Yes, we'll make hayabout this one---and force UT to recapitulate or face due process.Kind of exciting! Good luck in your good fight, Jann.

Life in Boulder said...

FORTUNEATELY WE HAVE ALL OUR VIDEOS ON which is us and you tubes competition. We would never leave our fate to some gonglomerous corpoation.....Thats why we started channel 1 networks.

from Email;
Google frickin cancelled almost all the youtube accounts we have, I think they went through and deleted all the accounts that I created linked to my gmail. There are still a few alive, all of which are associated with accounts that are not part of my gmail account.
I'm not sure what happened and got no information on when or why they canceled it, but it sucks and I can't figure out why... All that work down the drain.

Our only option now is to create all new ones and redo all this. lucky most of them didn't have much on them. Some that got cancelled really suck though like thebigbadbank.

Here are the accounts that were removed and the ones with email addresses are still alive. - - - - - - videotoys@msn. - Suspended - Suspend - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended - Suspen - Suspended - Suspended - Suspended
Boulder channel 1 webmaster