Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Guy: Seth show up in his underpants: Johnson's Corner on the way to wyoming

I love Family Guy. Last night Brian was trying to expose mayor chapstick for corruption. Coincidentally, my certifiably insane acquaintance Seth is off to the Boulder city council meeting tonight.......IN HIS UNDERWEAR... to protest the new nudity law un consideration. I guess , I'll be sending him commissary money at the jail.

Johnson's Corner is 28 miles north of here on I-25 in Loveland. It is considered one of the best truck stops in America with traditional American cuisine. I go there about once a week for one of their inexpensive dishes. Today I had turkey breast with mashed potatoes. The turkeys are cooked on site and the mashed potatoes are made from scratch. In fact everything there is made from scratch including their 11 pound award winning Cinnamon roll. ( I didn't have one.... too much sugar). The restaurant is a 1950's original, but was remodeled last year.
It seats 250 people and is busy 24 hours a day. People come from all around to experience the atmosphere. It has been awarded every restaurant award imaginable. I like to go there because it feels like I'm on vacation every time I make the trip..... I need a real vacation...haven't had one in 4 years. I like travelling and travellers. I also like trucks and CB radios. Very low tech and real back yard home spun communication by salt of the earth real American workers who actually work for a living. I actually have two CB radios and two police scanners, one radar detector and two walkie talkies. For a period of time I drove trucks all over America to all 48 states. I used to tape CB conversations and write about the stories and jokes I heard. One favorite is the one about Wyoming which was started by truckers. It was about the 4 to 1 ratio of men and women. " "Wyoming! Where men are men and sheep are nervous." Or "Wyoming! Where men are men and cows walk backwards" It goes from there.

I got the inspiration for this blog while watching the DVD of Julie and Julia. It just struck me.......I have to do this. I have to take on a 365 day blog. I am a writer.....have been since I was 15. I mean, I write scripts constantly for all the shows I produce.....but some how I needed to be able to get my life down in a form that would not appear ( to my mind) to be as daunting as actually writing a book.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
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