Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seth Strips clothes at Boulder city council meeting.

Why Boulder is Amazing. For those of you who don't know, let me share a few realities here. This will fall into the category of everything we are, do, have, and can claim fame for in no particular order: Today a front page story in the Wall Street Journal about our intentions with clean energy.; This week named the healthiest city in the USA. That is only the 30th time that has happened . Our economy is good. We have low unemployment and low crime. Our city had a banner year from taxes. We are not in the red, rather far in the black. We are the most educated city in the USA. We have more bikes and runners than any city our size. We also have more hand gun owners by people who drive BMWs. We have at least 2 Noble prize winners, 30 Olympians, 4 original families from the Mayflower, Titanic family members, the home of Carrie Nation, 98% rich white people, gave Jerry Brown 73% of all votes cast in the 1992 presidential election, has more Volkswagen buses, Ferrari's and crash test Prius's than every city in the USA except 3; more CU girls who appeared in Playboy than any school in the Big 12, has had cast members on The Real World, Road Rules, Wife Swap and Lesbian Connection more than once; Is the highest income per capita than any city in the USA. Has the thinnest people in America. I mean fat people really really stand out here. Has at least 4 astronauts, two who have died on the space shuttle; have elite runners and world class athletes all year long and of course Boulder has me........and this 365 day project.
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Seth finally did it. He stripped his clothes off on "live television" in front of the city council and then proceeded to berate them. He was arrested and taken out in hand cuffs. He did keep his boxers on, and didn't use bad language.......but he did disagree with the Mayor who tried to make him curtail his remarks with no personal attacks. Rob Smoke called me ... "Well Seth was drunk."
He needs to go back to meetings and take care of himself. Drinking really exacerbates his mental he turns into a raging uncontrollable alcoholic when he drinks. He ends up in these disastrous displays..........though amusing to some. He scared the last council half to death. Okay..they were wieners.
Seth started going to council meetings and giving them shit when they took away his free speech rights on public access TV 4 years ago. This is another example of Seth continuing to try to exercise that right. The previous city attorney told me anyone would have a winnable case in court. Doesn't matter. Seth won't sue and they won't tolerate him

from Carrie Nation to Nannie Nation
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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