Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow plows go by in the night; Seth's suit; recall Ford Escape hybrid

Dear Internet,
I have been trying to quit smoking. I smoke 0-3 cigarettes a day. Some days I use the patch, but it seems I'm always going through nicotine withdrawal. I quit entirely for 25 years. When I pick it back up, it is off 6 month on 6 months 1 or 2 a day. Generally, I feel better when I don't smoke or use tobacco. But it does ratchet up my irritability and i save that for deserving ( or undeserving politicians or business hard heads.

It has been snowing for two days and I am pretty happy about that. I am loving driving on snow packed roads with my new studded snow tires on my hybrid Ford Escape. Although, the government should force a recall on my vehicle. The brakes haven't worked properly since I bought the SUV in 2006. They are spongy, don't stop very well, always have sensors or parts breaking and the hybrid electric system is by Toyota. I have also heard from other Escape hybrid owners who say the same. Some one of you might pass this on to DOT .

Isolation and loneliness plague many of us , even when we are in a crowd or with friends. The missing ingredient is intimacy.

My friend Seth has hired two law firms; one to defend him from criminal prosecution for speaking his mind last week at the boulder city council. the other is for a civil rights suit against my city for first amendment violations at the same council meeting. It needed to be done. Our local city council has been way out of control for the past 5 years. this will help vindicate all of us who has had our rights violated by local government and the University. I speak of Seth , rob Smoke, Ward Churchill, myself, Max Karston and more. It's about time. Congrats to the Daily Camera, Westword and the Denver post for finally coming on board to the first amendment.....well no that you're all nearly broke..

And our desperate city council members.....what have they done? First of all council should realize, that they are never going to win with Seth Brigham: they took away his civil rights over public access TV, called him a terrorist, and now had him arrested for speaking his mind: they should have learned from the disaster caused by the last two councils over this. Apparently not. Good luck, because now they have the Daily Camera, Colorado Daily, West Word and the Kansas City Star against them.....and if Ken Wilson isn't careful, he'll have the British Tabloids up our butt. ( Wilson deeply offended a British national in an email, telling her to mind her own business and stay in her own country. Problem is the unidentified lady is of diplomatic comes an international incident. Also, everyone dig deep. Estimates are that Seth will win over 1 million dollars.

I love our famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
241 days left

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