Friday, February 5, 2010

Downtown Boulder Fashion Show media glitch: T-Mobil is our friend.

Dear Internet
At 10:00 I had a meeting here with a producer who wanted me to have our local channel cover a Downtown Boulder Fashion show at the Boulder Theater in March. This is something we have done a dozen or more times. I even started a series of fashion channels: Fashion Channel 1 and more. Sitting in my office we went over the details of the show and how television coverage could be arranged. Then I picked up the phone and called the coordinator at Downtown Boulder, a woman who was brand new to the job.
Our reception on the phone was "Chilly". Then we received a flat no to discussing news coverage. No? what? All of the downtown retail stores are in dire straights and we offer them TV coverage of the event to 40,000 Boulderites and no?? If Fashion Under the Flat Irons is about anything , it is about promoting and publicizing mall retail clothing stores. So it makes perfect sense to have NO TV news coverage. Uhh. A lot of downtown retailers are my friends and clients who I have known for years and they are not going to be happy about this. I'll keep you posted.

When we wanted a deal with T-mobile and got nowhere with their mid-level marketing managers, I called the switchboard in Seattle and asked to speak to the CEO of the company. His secretary answered......secretaries run companies........not personal assistants.........but CEO secretaries.......they have no power yet they have all power. I told her my problem with marketing, then told her my pitch to which she said: "why don't you call the president of Blackberry phone directly, he'll love this. Here is his private cell phone number. I'll email him and tell him you're calling." ( holly shit) You can guess what happened. I called the president of Blackberry.....he'd already heard the deal from his bosses secretary and in one minute and 30 seconds I cut a $20,000 annual advertising trade deal that lasted for 3 years..........It included every new Blackberry for our entire company before they are released to the service. It was good for Blackberry and T-Mobile and good for us. Win win as it were................

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
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