Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear Internet
I have been on TV here in Colorado since 1989. It started on Boulders channel 19 where I hosted the Jann Scott show, a live call in show on the days issues. It started as an off shoot of my Denver talk radio show . It was a hit from the first. That show ran twice a week for years in one incarnation or another. Eventually I was on 5 nights a week all over the state. In 2005 we started Internet TV and that changed the game and still does. It opens me to the entire world, similar to this blog. I have no idea who all sees my shows or reads this. There are some traces through the search engines and other posts from the interweb, but I just assume everyone is watching or reading.
Since Boulder truly is an extremely famous city world wide and I am one of it's most visible characters in media. It's a safe bet people come here to see what our city is all about. In some sense this 365 day blog project is a record of life in Boulder.
One of the things that happen when you are on TV everyday is that people get to know you through that medium...............a lot of people............from all over the state.
Here in Boulder I often forget that I am on TV until I am out somewhere and I'll notice someone staring at me. In Denver or other places it is even more obvious where I have had 'everyday man or women " fans for 20 years. Sometimes people just come over and say hello as though they know me and or like an old friend.
The staring is unnerving though but by now I understand it. Boulderites are often a bit strange type of fan. Most people are polite, don't pay much attention. Some are very friendly. When I have a particular show that is popular with CU kids, they will go out of their way to show fandom; yell out their cars, come over in a restaurant, stop me on the street. They are always fun.
The weirdest fan are the ones who disagree with me on some issue such as drugs or politics.
Some of them will just shake their head when they walk by or mumble something. In some cases come right over and start in. Occasionally some one will become violent. Since Boulder does have a rabid leftist core, I find them the most dangerous people I have come across. Far more than Denver gangsters or extreme right wingers or religious nuts.
Sometimes it keeps me from going out. When I'm doing well I have to mentally prepare myself........... Seeing friendly fans is always nice. When mean people say things or shake their head I'll sometimes stare right back with a " what the f--- is your problem". I have been known to tell a rude stranger to F--- off.
I'll often stop and chat with friendly fans.......I've met peoples entire families on the mall.
But there is this thing called fandom in my life. Each person feels that they have a special relationship. Most of my personal friends are unaware of it, unless they hang out with me a lot and then I often hear.. "you sure know a lot of people don't you"??
from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
334 days left

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