Wednesday, March 31, 2010

41 year old rich Aimee died drinking in #Boulder; ruined lives of 3 beautiful daughters and husband!

Dear Internet,
My daffodils are up in glorious splendor. The crocus's are coming to an end and the tulips are pushing up. The primrose are a trying. Last years Johnny jump ups are coming back and the lawn is turning green. Buds are on the tree. Yesterday it hit 80 degrees. The song birds are out chirping up a mate.
It is very busy in my back yard. Dave painted the deck for my 30th annual Easter Bar B're all invited. Today there will be raking the lawn and putting out all the lawn furniture, putting up a tent and getting some chairs. Then I have to go food shopping for 50 people. Maybe I'll do that on Friday.
I paid Dave in cash yesterday. He has a habit of getting drunk after I pay him and then he's worthless until he sobers up. He usually calls me drunk telling me he's ready to work. Or i'll go to pick him up and he's still drunk from the night before. I have to tell him each time, he can't work if he's been drinking......he usually insists that he sober. Oh boy. Dave is essentially homeless and alcohol has kept him that way. He can't stay sober long enough to put any kind of life together. Though, God knows he tries. He is one of those westerners who is capable at doing many different jobs. He's a good worker and honest. But alcohol and cigarettes are killing him and I expect one day he wind up dead on the side of the bike path like so many chronic alcoholics here in Boulder. I try to help some of these folks out but you have to have good boundaries with street alcoholics. They aren't boy scouts and some of them will rob you or get violent. I won't have anything to do with those types. But I am just hoping that one day, the message of hope will carry over to Dave and he will sober up.

Amie was a nice Japanese lady in her early 40's with 3 daughters and a husband. I say was, because she died last week in a drunk driving car accident near Cherry Vale road. Unlike Dave Amie had it all; 3 beautiful daughters and successful husband, nice house, new BMW. Yet Amie died not from a car accident as the news paper reported. ........Not even from drunk driving. She died from chronic advanced alcoholism. She couldn't get sober. It tormented her. She became a stay at home mom alcoholic who drove drunk with her kids, disapeared and was a complete wreck at the end.
But to me She and Dave are the same.........Aimee died and shattered 4 lives in the process. She couldn't do a thing about it. Dave is taking just a little longer to kill himself. His family won't have anything to do with him. His mom died here in Boulder two weeks ago and no one told him. That's because they didn't want a dirty old smelly drunk at the funeral to screw things up. But Dave doesn't see himself that way. He's in such denial about his condition. Amie wasn't in denial. She knew.......... but she still drank herself to death in a wealthy Boulder neighborhood.

from Americas most Alcoholic small rich city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
303 days left

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