Sunday, March 14, 2010

Holy Mother of God! there are homosexuals protesting the Catholic Church!

Dear Internet,
My church is under attack this morning. They wouldn't let a kid into the Catholic school because he has two mother lesbian parents. I never went to Catholic school. My mother and father protected me from them. Besides my dad was on the school board and they wanted me in public school. But back in the day if your heterosexual parents got a divorce, you were shunned and most likely expelled. My parents both went to Catholic School in around 1918. My relationship with the Catholic church has always been good. No one abused me. I went to a small town New England church,....although ........I never understood a thing because it was all in Latin. Even today the church isn't big on "teaching the Bible" every Sunday morning. I learned the bible from Richey Furrays' ( poco, buffalo Springfield) non-denominational, Protestant, charismatic, holy roller church. That place was a hoot. But I learned the bible there. They just have a tiny problem with judgement and believing the Earth was built exactly 6000 years ago and other ridiculous notions. I don't think Christ cares one bit if your theology is messed up . Because once the worship, praying, healing, and calling of spirits started.....God showed up in a glorious blast of plasma............hello Jesus.
That is also true at Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Lord is present there. too... even though the crazy prodestant evangelicals think "they are the devil"....... Father Bill Breslin is an excellent Priest; kind, sharp, smart and Christ filled. I don't think he's gay. What?
My friend jack grew up Catholic, but he was abused by priests when he was a child. Since then he has become a therapist and is the leading Colorado male voice on cleaning up the Catholic Church nationwide. He had a lot to do with having pedophile priests prosecuted.
But Jack said something to me that I find curious and some what unnerving;
he said:" most priests are gay or at least a lot of them..... that's what I find" " You have to watch the ones who are kind loving and caring" So now I'm weirded out because that is exactly what Father bill is like...and I wonder if he wants me in the South Park kind of way. Then there has been the problem of Lesbian nuns who abused children, which is less talked about, but Nun the less ( i couldn't help it) I have interviewed women who were abused.
So this brings me to today's full page Catholic Church attack ad in the Daily Camera signed by every gay advocacy group in the universe. On one hand the Catholic church has been trying to clear out gay pedophiles from the priesthood and convents. Now, on the other, they are under fire from Gays for towing a hard line. ........You tell me. WTF???
Anyway, I'm not going to church today, because there are gay protesters on the lawn, the sermon will be about Catholic dogma concerning marriage and homosexuality. I'll just go to a meeting. I'll let them fight it out with out me. But I suspect the church will not let kids of gay parents in without another Vatican council. To top that; the Pope is under fire this morning because while he was the cardinal in charge of investigating pedophile priests. He stands accused of covering for them. So to actually let gays into the church or schools is a lost cause. It was better for the lesbian mothers to "don't ask don't tell" . But, still that is what the Catholic church has been under fire for ...........with pedophile gay priests and its a mess. But it's going to make a great South Park episode.
from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
328 days left

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Sethy Pooh said...

And to think grenlee supports the boxer boy and the lesbians.

He's more tolerant than the council or the Catholic church?

Strange times we live in.