Sunday, March 28, 2010

City of Boulder Channel 8 has HUGE turn around. It looks Great.

Dear Internet
Okay. Today I will say something "nice" about the city government. Channel 8 has turned it self around and is now on the air playing shows 24 hours a day. After 30 years municipal channel 8 finally got a communications director who is making channel 8 "real". You know, for years they would play programs sporadically throughout the day and almost never at night. The management were not TV people. The new guy, Patrick Vonkeyserling is a former newspaper man has been very open to learn about what a good municipal access channel should look like.
Without much fanfare he as taken his city communications staff, channel 8 staff and started knocking out relevant weekly programming. The schedule is full all night long. No more boring text in prime time.
I have no idea what ran through the cities head in the last three decades when programming was rare and never at night. So this should satisfy council woman Crystal Gray, who , when ever we spoke would always lament " I wish channel 8 would get their act together." Well, they have and it is the result of common sense of city communications director Patrick Vonkeyserling.
Vonkeyserling is an approachable, a can do kind of person which is a rare quality amongst bureaucrats. .

There see! I said something nice. I don't think all of local government is evil and from the pits of hell. I am quite certain the Lord has been guiding channel 8s recent changes. Today begins holy week. It's palm Sunday and next Sunday is Easter which will officially start spring in my book.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
315 days left

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Anonymous said...

So dude, I thought you hated the government stations and now your positively commenting on 1 and airing Boom on the other.
BTW, I'm still seeing public access style content on the government channel without seeing efforts to really help the community by posting commercial job listings or stuff like that. I still think it sucks!
Have a good day! ~J