Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dear Internet
This is a little weird. Yesterdays post came about as a free flowing stream of consciousness which I never do on this blog. It started out with "What has happened........ and the rest filled in itself. I had no idea or preconception about what I was going to write....... except to say it was prophetic. I must have received a psychic message because if you read todays news headlines:

(CBS) In a news report just days before the FBI arrested nine members of Christian militia group in Michigan on charges they were plotting an attack on police officers, local government reached out to the militia for help finding missing residents.

This is the same group who backed Tim McVe before he blew up Oklahoma. Also, there are cops all over the place with auto weapons in New York City and elsewhere in the USA.....looking for Ron Paul and Sarah Palin extremists who are planing synchronized attacks on America. I envisioned the bombing of the world trade Centers before came down and talked about it at least 5 times on TV before it happened. I don't want to see these things, I just see them. I am also pretty good at predicting the future in terms of trends, successful business ventures.

I have spent quite a bit of time this past year studying the New World Order crowd. They stem from a protestant fundamentalist Christian Charismatic belief that: Satan by controlling the Jews will bring about a one world government which will make us all slaves to the Devil.
I have personally seen this preached right here in Boulder. The movement is now so big that these folks pose a real threat again to Americans. Hitler actually used the same method to rally Lutheran Germany to exterminate the Jews. These are very very dangerous people. Colorado has a lot of them both on the right and left of politics. We have had them since the 1930s when the Ku Klu Klan numbered in the 10s of 1000s. The new world Order radio network is located right over in Johnstown

Apolitically, they see the government controlled by big banks and corporations who want to enslave us . The religion comes in when it is finally revealed that Satan himself is controlling the whole show. Only Christian warriors like the anti new world order people will save us from Satans grip. They will do this by killing all democrats, the president, the police, the military and the government. These are gods chosen people. They are as crazy as Alcaida.
from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
304 days left

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