Thursday, March 18, 2010

Death of a Salesman

Dear Internet,
Today was day three in our new sales reps life and it ended as predicted. Sales is one of those things you love and you are made for or not. There is a lot of rejection and, well , selling; pitching. It makes the difference between success and failure. Sales means you have to go to work and make things happen. It is not a passive profession. When movies get made, you can bet that the producers are relentless, deal making, salesmen. TV stations and networks rise and fall based on their sales departments. Some might argue it is the content. You can exist on bad content, but not a bad sales force.
In order to produce films and videos I have had to maintain this lesson and not let anything get in the way of advertising sales, project sales, website sales etc. I need money to be independent and produce the kinds of TV that I like. So finding people to train in sales is the challenge today.
I guess I need to get on with it.

I did this pretty cool video for "Bring Google fiber to Boulder" . It is all over the Internet.
from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
324 days left

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