Saturday, March 6, 2010

Living a healthy lifestyle

Dear Internet,
Colleen from Mr. Pool came over today and started the hot tub up for the season. It has actually been going all year, but I get it cleaned and emptied a few times a year. It is always on and serves as a relaxing health spa. I do have a "green" spa with out a lot of bad chemicals.
I often get massages too. These are deep tissue almost Rolphing sessions. Plus I see a trainer twice a week where we stretch, do cardio and weight lifting. The routine is constantly changing working out different muscle groups in unpredictable fashion. This way my body is pretty toned up all of the time. I am taking some meds for gout which is too much uric acid production from the kidneys. The uric acid crystallizes and attaches to joints which raises hell and inhibits mobility. Occasionally, I take meds to shut the stomach acid pump down.
Then there is a med to help quit smoking. An aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks. Crestor prevents plaque from forming in my arteries. I also take fish oil and vitamin D.
Having an eating plan is a constant work in progress. Lately I have been dropping beef and increasing vegetable smoothies. I think I will probably become mostly vegetarian again, since the evidence is pretty much in that proves animal products will destroy healthy living.
Finally, there is my weight which is 215. A weight reduction to 135 to 150 (I am only 5'5") will eliminate all of my pre-conditions to everything. It is more fun having people to do out door things with. I need to get out and about more to socialize with people. No matter what it is. I feel better when I do it. Boulder is a city where socializing with cool people is made easy. Except, when you are an isolator like me...well it takes effort.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
329 days left

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Sethy Pooh said...

Hey jann,

I don't know about the Crestor, but, if you're going on a hike you can always try me and my dog, Pockets.