Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Training day

Dear Internet;
I hired someone this week to work as a sales rep for Channel 1 networks. This is a person who I've known and is a local 'hot wire". I always like to help people out and give them a chance. But this person has extreme financial difficulties, like she is about to lose her house, car, and have her electricity turned off. With that kind of stress it is hard to be upbeat and be a good sales rep. She had run a marijuana dispensary business and all of the drugs made her sick and nearly killed her. Add crack to the mix and you've got person with frayed edges. With two kids and no food, it does make a person hungry and sometimes the best sales person. At least it did in my case. Nothing like hunger to make me get out and sell. Drug addiction will shatter a persons life and early in clean time, it is hard to maintain. I know all about it. I have been working with drug addicts and alcoholics for over 30 years on a daily basis.
In this job situation she is part of our sales team. Today will be her third day. The first two were kind of rough for her. Usually by the third day of training and sales both I and the trainee know if they are going to make it. It is a lot of phone work and visiting. She is only working 4 to 6 hours. Sales is a sink or swim situation especially in advertising sales. Besides being a writer, talk show host and Internet TV executive I am also a crafted sales person. You have to become one if you plan on staying in business. Sales and advertising is what we do in a big way. I don't know. It doesn't look good for this lady at the end of day two. She said some telling words; like ......"really I'm a performer".... "I don't know if I can do what you do" and then she started finding things wrong with the company, which is starting to piss me off. When that starts, usually the person is out the door by the third day. They start out with hope and cheer and then when reality sets in; ie; I'm a sales rep out pounding the streets every day making deals; for a person who is not up to the energy or task it can finish them off. Even with good training and success. So sales people are always a bit tricky. They complain, run high and low, love and hate their work alternatively. I do it under the same circumstances and I love it. Unless I'm depressed. It's a challenge. If I am out seeing people and talking to people every day, it is less of a challenge. There is a pattern and groove to cold calling.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
325 days left in project

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