Friday, March 19, 2010

I can't let @FoxNews newspunk Bret Bair go without

Dear Internet,
Spring is Here. And it is snowing like crazy. 8" on my deck in 3 hours. I love it when it snows. I am sitting at my dining room table surrounded by two large windows where I can watch the birds come to the feeders in the snow.

My mom was a birder and later in life I have picked it up too. I have feeders all over the back and front yard. I picked up gardening and birding from her. My mom and grandmother had planted flower gardens all around the home I grew up in.

Cats; The bane of birds. But I like cats. I have to talk to them about leaving my bird friends alone. when talking doesn't work, the garden hose does. My mom used to keep a BB gun near the kitchen door to discourage cats. I think you can be arrested for that now. In fact i don't think you can shoot a squirrel either.

I can't let Fox News go with out saying something about the deplorable journalistic ethics they used when:
"Fox News has been criticised by the White House for its perceived right wing bias.
Mr Obama faced tough questioning and chided the interviewer, Bret Baier, for interrupting his answers, but he expressed confidence that the bill would finally be passed."

They ambushed him and completely showed disrespect of the President. They are a bunch of racist pigs who are part of the Republican conspiracy to destroy civility. Remember that pig at the last State of the union Speech. Look at health care. All Americans will remember the Republican destroyers and they're extreme wing " the tea party" at election time. Say no more.

from Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
323 days to go

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