Friday, March 5, 2010

Susan Osborne, Rob Smoke, Macon Cowles, Ken wilson, Seth Brigham, Boulder City Council love affair.

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I spoke with journalist Rob Smoke last night who had a front row seat to the arrest of journalist Seth Brigham at the Boulder city council meeting two weeks ago. Robs account of what happened differs substantially from the cities account. According to Rob, the police officer was looking directly at Alicia Lewis the city clerk who gave the nod to the officer to arrest Seth. It wasn't councilman George "Kovorkian" the supposed councilman of death. George was motioning to the officer too. But according to the police report the officer said he took his instructions from the city clerk. Either way it is still a violation of Seth's first amendment rights to petition the government with grievances.
The corruption of the Boulder city council goes beyond the pale. According to Rob " they have been out to get any member of the public who questions them for the past 7 years. It is a terrible precedence that has been set ever since Suzie "the terrible" as she is known came on council.
The council really went to war with the press over public access TV as you all know, but it hasn't stopped. The worst on council according to Rob are" Suzie Ageston, Ken Wilson, George "Kovorkian" and Mr Exxon Valdeez himself Macon Cowels". Cowles has been one of the worst. Though he's a lawyer he is completely ignorant of first amendment law...he betrayed me Seth and everyone who thought he was principled" said Rob.
The Boulder Weekly last week ran a poll on whether Ken Wilson should be recalled. 64% of Boulderites said absolutely. This week the Weekly said that the council was elitist and targets people it does not like.
Westword has written two stories which go into detail about the hostility toward the public by the Boulder city council.
Channel 2 news did two stories on Seth which showed him in a favorable lite and the council as mean thugs.
Channel 7 did a story last night where it's anchors commented that Boulder is the only city council in Colorado history which had a member of the public arrested for "criticizing them in a personal attack. seems politicians should be able to take it if they plan on running for office" during public comment
Council women Lisa Morzel is the only member of "the gang of 9" who came right out and said that the city violated Seth's rights and that the council owed him an apology. Everyone else including Mayor Susan Osborne ducked apologizing to Seth directly.
Macon Cowles and Ken Wilson said they were afraid of Seth. First they raped him of his civil rights and now they blame the victim.
Crystal Gray did tell me by phone that the council violated Seth's rights and that Ken, Suzi and George are to Blame. She also said that "Susan Osborne did not know what she was doing" and botched they whole incident.
Rob stated that the council lives in a bubble and has no intention of ever being inviting to public input.
I understand David Lane is preparing a law suit based on Seth rights violated under the 1st and 4th amendment. the fist of course is Freedom of Speech, the 4th is illegal arrest and detention, which brings Boulder PD under fire as well.

note to reader: I am sorry that I have to go on about how the Boulder city council violates citizens rights.........but our freedoms are again at stake here in our fair city under the Flat Irons. And I just can't let it slide right now. I will feel better when Seth sues them. Also, having been a victim of these demonic forces I think we all need to support the one who currently carries the flag.

That's living in the USA
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
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