Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seth prepares lawsuit: Boulder city council targets citizens: too dangerous to attend

Dear Internet;
Is it safe for the public to go to Boulder City Council meetings and speak their mind?? I don't think so. I won't go. If you have an opinion contrary to the councils, chances are good you will be verbally abused by members of the council with out a chance to defend your position. If you try, you will be arrested or worse. With the recent Marijuana Lobby taking over council meetings, you take your life in your hands by trying to voice your opinion .
I have witnessed this first hand. The Boulder city council reminds me of the 1990s youth gangs in Denver. I once attended a Gang Summit run by channel 9 and the city. What a dumb idea that was. The crips gathered on one part of the room, the bloods in another and in the middle of the town meeting in walked the all white skin head gang of Ku Klux Klan.
The racial epithets started flying and it took the entire Denver Police to stop the fighting.

Boulder city council meetings have been that way at least since 2005 when they went after Human Relations commission chairman Rob Smoke over his silly My Space account. After that it was open season on anyone they didn't like. They came after me over my TV show, Donna Marek over her TV show, Guy Erricksen over his TV show and his criticisms of council. Then they went after Seth over his criticisms of council policy on free speech. They finally had him arrested two weeks ago.
Now the council is lock step with the Marijuana drug dealer gang known as the MJs. The Boulder MJs are a dangerous criminal element who run medical marijuana dispensaries. Any one who criticizes them needs to carry a gun to defend themselves. They are so violent and intimidating that no one is safe criticizing them at a public forum. The Boulder police department do not have a handle on this explosive situation of the Boulder City Council Gang and the MJs. They are in league. The police have moved from keeping the peace to implementing policies of suppressing descent.
The police also over stepped their authority two weeks ago when the arrested Seth Brigham for speaking his mind. Cops now stand up front in a raised position of power, intimidation and authority ready to ponce on anyone who speaks their mind. So is it safe for the public to attend city council meetings these days? Absolutely not. Not to mention, the park and creek path near the municipal building is riddled with crack, heroin dealers and homeless drunken street pirates. That area is due for another rape or assault any day. With the MJs attending council meetings lately, they all hang out side the municipal building doing and selling drugs which make the area even more dangerous... especially at night. This reminds me of Pudins' Russia where the government, gangs, police are the dangerous ones to be feared by citizens. Throw in a district attorney who won't up hold criminal drug laws and it makes attendance of Boulder city council meetings all that more dangerous.
Yesterday, Seth had another meeting with famous civil rights attorney David Lane. Expect a law suit within two weeks. David has advised Seth to stay away from council since they are arrest crazy. That's good advice to anyone unless you go to council meetings with your own gang ready to defend yourself.
I'm a writer and talk show host. I can sit back here and assess the situation via electronic technology with out having to go onto the battle field . I can talk on TV about it. Even then I don't feel safe, because they are always conspiring to have the minority point of view arrested. But city council meetings is gang turf and in Boulder there aren't many fans of free speech there. Stay home if you don't want to be arrested.

from a city under siege
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado
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